AQ3D is an action fantasy MMORPG game.



Game Description and Thoughts:

Long time online game franchise that finally has gone 3D. AQ3D can be played on the PC or mobile and is currently in testing at the time it is going in the directory. As can be seen in the screenshot, GameOgre has its own cape in the game. Not only does it look great, but it also does help your character as well. We have also Livestreamed the game on our OgreMedia Channel.

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  1. Very cool dungeon-fight online 3rd video game which can be played on PC or mobile device.It has cool gameplay and PvP,I suggest it everybody

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  2. One of better MMORPG that ive played. Starting from lvl 1 and atm u can reach maximum of lvl 15
    There are 4 classes atm: Warrior, Guardian, Mage and Rogue (also Dragon Slayer Class was announced)
    Every class has 4 set of abilities, 3 for dmg and 1 buff.
    Main way to get levels is doing quests and killing monsters. Biggest difference from other games is that in this one its so hard to kill monsters that are same level as you are. By killing monsters sometime they drop loot, that is used to craft gear and weapons, stronger weapons and gear can be found on dungeons or killing Elite monsters
    Community is awesome, when ever you need help and if there are ppl nearby then will help you for sure
    Loot, XP and gold aren’t shared, but every player that participate in killing monsters will get full amount of gold and XP and if loot is dropped every 1 can take it, not just one player.
    Most of quests are linked and has quite good story
    Dungeons are quite good and not to long, but you need to have at least 2 guys with good gear to finish them
    Elite monsters are spawned randomly, so sometimes u can kill 5-10 normal monsters till Elite ones spawns
    Even if Elite moster spawn, drop rates are random, for example u can them 20-30 times and still dont get loot
    Enemy monsters have huge dodge rate, basically they can dodge 3 attacks in a row, and kill you.
    It is so hard to kill monster that is your lvl, because all dodge of those chance
    Overall i have great experience playing this game, so much fun, and am playing to continue.

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  3. AQ3D is really good MMORPG game where you are an player who needs to pick who he want to be (which style of warrior).You got four different styles which are:Classic Warrior,Mage,Rogue and Mage.This game has pretty good gameplay and solid graphic.I would definetly suggest it to everybody.I played this game before and I really loved it.I give 5/5 to this game !

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  4. AQ3D, one of the best free MMORPG so far, although it is just in Beta Phase right now about a million players are registered. This is a Cross Platform MMORPG which you can play in any device like Android Phones, Tablets, PC and etc. that you have any time and everywhere(just make sure it has battery and you have internet). Its been a couple of years already since this Game Project started by AE (Artix Entertainment). It started with Tech Demo , Alpha Testing, Pre Beta , Close Beta and until now in Open Beta. Its already almost 2 years since it started, Many things have change in game, From all character are having the same armor until now they have more than 20+ armors that you can get now in game. Now they created some places already that you can travel and SLAY MONSTERSSSS!!! the most interesting part of an MMORPG and also you can do the Quests. Find the recipes and craft the Most Awesome sword and equipments that you can get to be with you to slay the monsters, No Worry if that sword or equipment has low Stats, Using the newly Released Cosmetics that they released a month ago you can use the most awesome set with the most awesome stats also. This game also released their first ever saga, Ashfall Saga, Although it includes a lot of problems,vv they manage to released it well so far… Ashfall Part 1 delayed for more than 1 month, Gosh…. That was the time when Ashfall Memes take Over the AQ3D Community Group in Facebook… But then when they released , it was really awesome, but a little bit disappointed also.. It is because some of monsters are just re scaled ( they just change some design and colors but it is the same monster in the other old maps) and the crafting of the New Set ( Dragon Scale Set) cost really high… But then they Released the Ashfall part 2 with a very interesting cut scenes , and also it will be the first time to meet the Villain in the Saga, DragonLord Talyn… It also the saddest part because it will be the first time in game that an NPC died… 🙁 But so far from a Lose of Money in Ashfall part 1 into a really Gold loot part… Why? Its because of the Sneevil that have a quests that have an OP Rewards… Even a level 1 can do it and level up , up to the max cap in just a couple of hours or days… But then Artix Entertainment change that quest to make the Gold farming balance again… well… some players got to 1 Million Golds already before they changed it… The Game was a really awesome game for me, its my first time to play such a game like this… I never played WoW that is why i never experienced playing a game like this, that is why i am so hype when Artix Entertainment released their First Ever 3D MMO… I really like this game so far and maybe until many years from now… This game have a Pretty great potential and can even become popular in a few years from now and I am very happy because I become part of creating it… Battle on!!!

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  5. Best Beta game ever. The game is not live yet but it sure is fun to play. If you ever play any aqw games then I bet you got excited and all, knowing there’s a 3D counter part. You can interact with other players(and mods), customize builds separately for stats and cosmetics, get transformations and finally quest through it all. I must admit the content is limited at the moment but the updates are incoming so there’s always thrill and excitement. It also doesnt need you to pay to enjoy the game. No significant advantage actually if you pay for stuff only cosmetics and the guardian class.

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    For a game that is only in its beta phases it is very very good, You start of as lv 1 and you can choose to start with 1 of 3 classes, Warrior Class, Mage Class and Rogue Class. After you create an account you will spawn into a 3D generated world where you will begin your adventure. From there on you can do whatever you like, you can lv up your character and unlock stronger items so you kill stronger monster. Hundreds of different animae monsters to kill, items to choose from and area’s to scout.
    If you havnt tried this game out yet, make sure you do! You wont regret it!

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  7. AdventureQuest 3D is a fantasy MMORPG and a sequel to the browser game AdventureQuest Worlds, You can play 4 classes Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Guardian the first 3 classes are available to all players while the Guardian is an upgrade for players to buy AdventureQuest 3D is currently in Beta so there may be more classes to come Adventure through while doing Quests and Storylines, You can party with your friends and slay down monsters from drickens, sneavils, wolves and more combine different equipments to get the best stats. Play the same character from different devices Android Phone, iPhone, PC or tablet.

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