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Medieval fantasy mmorpg wanted

Discussion in 'MMO Requests' started by Alineyupi, May 20, 2017.

  1. Alineyupi

    Alineyupi New Member

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    Hiya guys :)
    I'm tired of seeing tons of reviews and gameplay vids on youtube. So please help me with this.
    I would like to play a mmorpg like this:
    - Sandbox openworld universe, the biggest it be the better.
    - Medieval fantasy universe.
    - It should allow you to collect loot, little treasures and that stuff, which you can sell to earn money so you can improve your equipment.
    - It should be pvp and pve as well.
    - It may have a background story or not I don't mind.
    - It should allow you to gain experience and grow in time.
    - It should be free to play as much as possible, I may pay some money to buy expansions, kits, packs etc, but after spending a good time exploring and playing it.
    - Not turn based or point to click gameplay, I find them predictable and boring.

    Games I've tried (and discarded)
    - WOW. The story is fantastic, nice gameplay, good graphics, but... very expensive.
    - LOL. Nice graphics, nice combat mode, but pretty hard to gain level and... too much people that REALLY SUCKS!
    - Albion online. Nice loot mode, good ish graphic, but too much coop features, it's okay to play and grow in groups but I like to explore and fight and earn things by my own and... not free to play.
    - Entropia Universe. Spectacular graphics, nearly endless open world, but your life is like a prehistoric man from 28th century: You have to kill tons of animals with lasers, and collect tons of trinkets to get a low-Q weapon. So you spend 9/10 of your time trying to get resources... and it's scifi not medieval fantasy.
    So experienced mmorpg players... suggestions please!!
    Thank you very much:cat
  2. Masako

    Masako Well-Known Member The Pit

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    MU Online doesn't perfectly fit everything you wanted though. :p
  3. Blasphemy

    Blasphemy Royal Ogre Royal Ogre

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    medieval game? have you tried Silkroad online?

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