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Zombie Infection Spreads Through GamersFirst

Discussion in 'Free MMORPG' started by GameOgreVideos, Oct 27, 2010.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    GamersFirst, today’s most popular Free2Play destination, announced in a statement this morning that its headquarters and games have been breached by a mysterious infection throughout the publisher's premier online MMO's and website (now) War Rock - Clan Warfare.

    Footage of the infection was first discovered on a weekly vlog produced by a GamersFirst employee of the pseudo name, Neume; where traces of the mysterious transformation first began during a producer interview. Neume's vlogs seem to be the only connection between GamersFirst headquarters and the outside world. Regardless, game operations seem to be intact and are falling in line with new in-game content.

    “We are doing the best we can to remedy this strange situation," says Joe Rush, Director of Game Operations for GamersFirst. “It’s not out of character for our staff to play War Rock for several hours at a time, but to do it without blinking (and foaming at the mouth) leaves me feeling a little uneasy. Some of the staff has been in good spirits and are trying to pull through this ordeal, but we have had to separate ourselves from some of our more aggressive infected coworkers, to keep the games alive.â€

    Games that have been affected by this takeover include:

    War Rock The beginning of it all, Zombie Mode slowly infected everything else in the ZombiesFirst world.

    * Redeem the ZombiesFirst promocode: WillUSurvive and get free items.
    * Blind Bullet Map (Zombie Mode) - Test subjects have begun to awaken in the Blind Bullet facility. You and your unit are tasked to kill these zombies of superhuman strength. Not to worry we’re releasing 6 new guns including: the M40A1 Sniper Rifle, the Bizon Sub-machine gun, the T-Bomb Grenade, the SIG550 Assault Rifle, the UMP45 Sub-machine gun, and the HK416 Assault Rifle, all available only in Blind Bullet (Zombie Mode).
    * Halloween Overlay – Halloween isn't complete without Pumpkin heads, pumpkin grenades and our annual Halloween map overlays. Additionally, during Halloween, win the new M500 Pistol by killing General Chariot in Blind Bullet (length of M500 is based on how many Chariot kills you make)
    * The launch of the Zombie Mode Ranking System which allows players to compete to be the top Zombie Killer and win awesome prizes.

    Knight Online's special promotions have already begun; get in today to see what havoc has been wreaked in the Knight Online underworld.

    * Hyde's Virtual Item Bonus introduces a new item to the game, the Helmet of Wrath
    * (10.26) Players will be able to obtain a limited release Zombie Transformation Scroll during the Halloween patch only (A zombie pet transformation is also available in the Power Up Store)
    * Some GMs may be long gone but not forgotten. GM's will be rising from the grave to lay waste to players in an epic GM war event. Big rewards to be earned!
    * Zombies have invaded the lands of Carnac. Lucky players who defeat the hoard of zombies will be able to obtain unique item drops.

    9Dragons will hold several new events for users during this time period including:
    (October 28-November 11):

    * Chinese Zombie Event - Zombie's have taken over Hefei. Kill the zombie's to get the Slaying Epithet (Strength +10%, Vital Energy +10%, Stance-Shield +150, Movement Speed +15%)
    * Monster Pumpkin and Candle drop - collect pumpkins and candles to exchange them with Jiang Daxi.
    * Release of Halloween Ox Mask.
    * Carnival of Souls Essence (2 week event)

    Sword 2 players will have extra advantages to overcome the zombie apocalypse.

    * Redeem the ZombiesFirst promocode: WillUSurvive and get free items.
    * Land of the Dead in-game event - Dios Lantem is spawning monsters in the Land of the Dead. Players who enter the Land of the Dead will be in Baron mode, but may obtain exclusive items when defeating the monsters; the 30-day Pumpkin Hats (+300 HP) and 15-day Crystal Wings(for added stats)
    * Halloween Costume Contest - winners receive gold prizes, see the details on the Sword 2 forums
    * Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest - winners receive gold prizes, see the details on the Sword 2 forums

    Staying alive won't be easy in War Rock and Sword 2 this season. Producers have prepared a special code to get gamers through these tough times. The only question remains; WillUSurvive?

    To stay in touch with what's happening at GamersFirst, follow us on:

    Facebook: /GamersFirst
    Twitter: @GamersFirst
    YouTube: /Gamersfirst
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