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Karos Online is a free 3D MMORPG that has recently launched. As can be seen by the screenshots on this page, Karos is not hard to look at for a free MMORPG. However, the game is more than just graphics as guilds, PvP, mining, and dungeons all boast exciting features worth mentioning. Mining yields a crucial aspect of the game known has Fletta Gems. Fletta Gems can be found various ways such as quests and fishing and can be used to make weapons and armor. There is also a Fletta Point System where points can be used for such things such as attributes and skills. The most interesting type of dungeon in Karos is known as a Maze Dungeon. These dungeons have no party limits and are interesting because the walls move to change a party's path. PvP not only has a Moral Value system that restricts players from killing too many other players, but also has guild wars that enables guilds to take over mines. Once a mine is taken over, only that guild is able to mine Fletta Gems there. Since Fletta is the key resource, both PvP and guilds are crucial to the game. Overall, Karos is a good choice for anybody looking for a Free MMORPG that has just launched.  

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Key Features

  • Free to play.
  • Amazing 3D graphics.
  • Mining is a major aspect of the game.
  • Fishing can be used to aid crafting.
  • Creature mounts that are summoned via special shoulder armor.
  • Players can gamble with the Fishmonger.
  • Guild wars that are declared by guild masters.
  • Players can not engage in PvP until Level 10.
  • PvP is subjected to a Moral Value system.
  • Killing too many other players can result in penalties such as restricted access to shops, dropping loot upon death, and being attacked by town guard.
  • Moral Value can be increased by killing players with a Low Moral Value.
  • Guilds try to gain control of mines.
  • Fletta gems are an important aspect of the game because they can be used in so many items and can found in a variety of ways.
  • Fletta gems have six different grades.
  • Fletta point system where points accumulate when fighting monsters.
  • Points can be spent on attributes, blessings, or skills.
  • Event dungeons are made for parties of five players.
  • Maze dungeons that have no party size limit.
  • The download is 884 MB.

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Karos Online Review Contest

Author: CowTail
Rating: 6
Comment: Karos Online, another free to play game out of the hundreds already out there. What separates this one from the others?

The game features most of the standard fare you'd find in the other MMOs. Clusters of monsters roaming the area for no reason, NPCs standing around giving you quests. The combination equals a grind-fest, forcing you to kill hundreds of the same mobs over and over in order to level up and get gold (Carat) or special items.

There is also the crafting aspect to this game. You can collect materials from monster drops, mining, or fishing. With these materials you may upgrade your weapons, armor, pets (that function as armor when not mounted), potions, and gems that stat boost your gear.

Mining and fishing is your typical deal. Hack away at a pile of stones for hours in order to gather raw ore and gems. Fish for hours in order to gather clams that can be traded in a karlotto or random chance game that swaps the clams for a random item. Fortunately Karos Online allows you to toil away while you're away from the keyboard without booting you from the game.

The quests range from delivering letters to killing mobs for quest items to going to special dungeons and killing the boss. Dungeons, like in most other games, are separate maps that allow you to roam castles, sewers, or caves until you find your objective. Obviously there are plenty of monsters in the way. Unfortunately, the Karos team did a horrible job with the level matrix for these quests. A level 9 quest is far too hard to complete without a huge party; it took me another tank at level 34 to complete it, rewarding us with 50 Carat (woohoo). The other dungeons are incredibly lopsided as well, and incredibly unrewarding.

The character classes are somewhat evenly balanced, thankfully. You can be a bowmistress, paladin, blader, rogue, or sorceress. Yes, these classes are gender locked, with limited customization options for only the face and hair. There are different subclasses you can choose on during your adventure, giving you a choice between single or multi target attack/buff specialization.

PvP is allowed in most of the regions, meaning you always have to watch your back if you're out farming mobs. Fortunately, there's a Moral Value system, in which you gain moral value points slowly by killing mobs, whereas you lose a tremendous amount for killing a single player. If you go in the negative, your name gets colored red and you can be killed by other players without them being penalized. Not only that, but you get attacked by guards and can't shop at the shops in town if you're in the red.

A large part of the game is the guilds feature. You can join a guild or create your own. These guilds can wage war against each other, allowing PvP without penalties for killing other players of the enemy guild. Guild events also allow the winners special benefits, such as owning mines for a period of time. Whoever wants to use the mine must pay, and the money goes to the guild.

Part of the game not mentioned yet is the Fletta portion. Fletta is kind of like a magic essence. You build up Fletta Points slowly as you kill monsters, which you can assign to stat boosts, invest in your guild, or refine it to use as craft material (almost all weapon/armor upgrades require Fletta crystals).

Graphics-wise it looks about mid-range. Nothing spectacular but certainly better than others. You have options for low-detail/low resolution gaming, allowing players with old computers to have a go at it.

Performance-wise, the game is still buggy. Personally I feel they could have had a few more rounds of debugging phases and content building before they left the Beta stage. If you don't crash at least once in a day of playing, you should consider yourself lucky. Network performance is actually pretty decent for most players, though the dungeons have frequent lag as far as my experiences went. I'd also find that occasionally I can't attack or use items, requiring a complete restart of the game. Some players can't even play the game, having problems due to their operating system and hardware combination being incompatible with the game engine.

There are a lot of aspects missing in the game. No customizable hotkeys (just the number keys, then alt+number keys, etc. for the spell/item binding). No auction houses to go to (though you can set up shop locally), huge cities with hardly any NPCs or content filling them, and level 5 restricted items and crafting in level 6 and beyond regions. Some regions have purely repeating grinding quests until you level up enough to go to the next town and get those grinding quests. I swear I never want to see another Gaiger, Snow Freak, or Owlbear again.

Like usual, there's a cash shop where you can buy points ($1.00 = 100 points) to trade for unique items. These items will make your questing a bit easier, such as potions with 30% exp increase, items that prevent penalties from failed crafting, regular hp and mana potions, etc. The developers got this part right at least; the items are fairly expensive and don't give huge bonuses to those who pay. So you won't find players wearing decked out unique gear that totally outshines any gear you can get in-game for free. The cash items mostly help players to get better gear faster in-game; they still have to do the work.

I'm sure the developers have plenty of to-do lists in mind that'll make all our experiences much more enjoyable when completed. It's not very original, a bit buggy, and has tons of grinding, but will I keep playing it? Yes.

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Pricing Model

Karos Online is free-to-play, but does have an item shop.     

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GoonZu Online
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Old school multiplayer RPG with 2D graphics and player-owned housing.

Wurm Online
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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
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World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade
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Pirate King Online
Free MMORPG with cartoon graphics and large scale sea battles.

Graal Online
Former free online game that offers several different versions of the game and player-built worlds.

Animated browser-based RPG based on the Adventure Quest universe.

The Realm Online
One of the very first MMORPGs that is still running.

RAN Online
Free fantasy MMO with 3D graphics and a unique Japanese college theme.

KAL Online
Free 3D MMORPG based on oriental myth where you can transform into an ancient animal.

Neverwinter Nights 2
Online RPG with nearly unlimited replay value due to player-created modules.

Guild Wars Nightfall
Latest high-quality installment of one of the top MMORPGs in the genre.

World War II Online
Leading MMOFPS that drives realism into the World War II theme.

Legend of Ares
Free MMORPG with 3D graphics and a considerable focus on PvP combat.

Free 3D MMORPG from the makers of FlyFF.

Shattered Galaxy
Leading MMORTS where groups and teamwork are essential to victory.

Global MU Online
Hardcore action MMO that is very similar to Diablo and can be played for free up to level 60.

Eudemons Online
Free fantasy MMO with a great pet system that allows players to assemble their own special fighting forces.

Deicide Online
Free 3D MMORPG with a very innovative class system.

Fantasy MMORPG where one player can rule over the entire game world.

Hero Online
Free martial arts MMORPG with a fighting system that can capture your imagination.

Ferentus - Canceled
Beautiful fantasy MMO where you can hire NPCs to fight along side you and that is currently in Open Beta.

Titan Quest
Beautiful action RPG that plays similar to Diablo and offers free online play.

Industry Player
Online business simulation game that allows you to match your business wits against thousands of other players.

Space Cowboy Online
Free 3D MMO with both MMORPG and MMOFPS elements that has large scale nation wars and upgradeable space ships.

Free MMOSG or massively multiplayer online social game driven by a wide range of player-created content.

Myth War Online
Free MMORPG with a huge variety of pets, hand-painted graphics, and a very different combat system.

War Rock
Free online tactical shooter with realistic weapons and vehicles.

Free MMORPG with a huge player base and multiple player worlds with different playing modes.

Face of Mankind
Innovative MMO where role-playing is key and the players are in control, Face of Mankind.

Dark Ages
Often overlooked pay-to-play MMO that offers a 10 day free trial.

Kingdom of Loathing
Free Online RPG where sarcasm and humor reign supreme.

Albatross 18
Innovative game that combines a free MMO with fantasy Golf.

Lands of Hope
Very deep MUD with thousands of graphics that offers free play up to Level 100.

Dark and Light
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Wheel of Time MUD
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Online RTS game that supports up to 24 players at once and lets you play the human side of the human-mutant conflict for free.

Blood Clans
Free Online RPG with 3D graphics and a focus on playing in clans.

Navy Field
War strategy MMO with RPG elements that can be played for free until level 30.

Guild Wars Factions
Stand alone campaign with new PvP and guild features that also offers free online play.

Starport: Galactic Empires
Free graphical strategy game where you can either play on a persistent server or try to win a 2 week game period.

Free 3D MMO with great graphics that offers plenty of PvP action.

Auto Assault
Action 3D MMORPG where you can blow nearly anything up.

Monster and Me
MMORPG intended primarily for younger audiences that is free to play and focuses on pets.

The Saga of Ryzom
Beautiful 3D MMORPG with an intriguing storyline and considerable character freedom.

Innovative shooting game with cartoony graphics that lets you face other players in front of an audience. 

A PvP oriented MMO with both RPG and RTS elements.

Silkroad Online
A 3D MMORPG with both historic and fantasy worlds.

RF Online
A sci-fi MMORPG with anime graphics that focuses on PvP.

Renaissance Kingdoms
Very interactive free online RPG with great political and economic aspects.

Free 3D MMORPG with a martial arts theme that gamers may want to avoid for the foreseeable future.

Endless Online
Small fantasy MMORPG that has anime graphics and is free to play.

Little Fighter 2
Arcade-style fighting with very colorful characters that can be played online.

Hobo Wars
Free Online RPG with heaping doses of originality and humor.

Neocron 2
Controversial MMO that offers both FPS and RPG elements.

Anarchy Online
Major sci-fi MMORPG with both a pay-to-play and a free version, Anarchy Online.

Eve Online
Science-fiction MMO that gives you considerable freedom in space, Eve Online.

Supreme Destiny
Free 3D MMORPG with both an English and a Korean version.

Guild Wars
Retail RPG with free online play that won GameOgre.com's Best Gaming Value award for 2005.

Thang Online
Free 3D MMORPG with a huge focus on action and a unique monster system, Thang Online.

ROSE Online
Cartoon-style MMORPG where you can have a major effect on the gaming world. 

Conquer Online
A free MMORPG set in an ancient Chinese Kungfu world with nice anime-style graphics. 

Rubies of Eventide
A free MMORPG that melds 3D graphics with incredibly deep gameplay.  

Ragnarok Online
Popular MMO with cartoon graphics and several innovative features, Ragnarock Online.  

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Medieval Fantasy MMORPG that was once known as Dransik.

Free Massive Multiplayer Online Browser Game (MMOBG) where you can trade or pillage in space.

FlyFF: Fly For Fun
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Puzzle Pirates
Assume the role of a pirate on the high seas in this puzzling free MMORPG. 

Maple Story
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A game that lets you live out your action movie fantasies online.  

A little-known free Online RPG with strong strategy elements.  

Adventure Quest
Take a closer look at one of the more colorful free online RPGs.

Knight Online
Check out one of the best free 3D MMORPGs.

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