Olympic game where u need to jump over Hurdle, to do that, you need to hit target mark in front of it
Play 110 Meter Hurdle


110 Meter Hurdle
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  1. Game where u need to jump over Hurdle, to do that, you need to hit target mark in front of it, more accurate you are, faster and easier u will jump, if u miss game over, overall not bad game, also u need to start on time, false start is also game over

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  2. Game is easy to learn with 2d graphic and you got only few controls cuz i give 3 stars

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  3. I don’t like simple games,you don’t have so many ways to play this game,only needs to know few controls,and that is that,too easy for my taste,so 2 stars

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  4. Standard running 2d game which is interesting to play and has solid graphics for the sort…You have little controls and you can pretty much master game in 5 minutes….Indeed very fun to play you should check it 🙂

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  5. 110 Meter Hurdle is an athletic game where you need to jump over Hurdle.Very simple game and it can be really enjoyable when you play this game,especially when you get bored.I give 7/10 to this game.

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  6. You start by selecting a character, basically you need to jump over hurdles and to do that you have to hit the targets as accurate as possible, if you miss you need to restart. Each time you set a new high score you’ll have to beat it. Not bad for a simple flash game

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  7. 110 Meter Hurdle is a fun racing arcade game requiring both timing and clicking precision. Starting off, the player can choose between three different hurdler characters, which is a nice selection of characters that the player can choose among. The gameplay is perhaps the most interesting part of this game because it requires a bit of skill, if the player is trying to get the fastest time. Clicking on start as soon as possible is important for a fast time, but the player has to click on start after the countdown. The trickiest part of this game is getting the perfect jump, because the player has to click as close to the center of the target to have enough speed to reach the finish line, and he or she cannot miss an entire single target. Similar to other arcade games like 100 Meter Dash, 110 Meter Hurdle is scored by the slowest time for a high score. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.5/5.

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  8. Same as the 100 meter dash a running sport game but i must say a better one.. In this one you need to have precision on when to press the jump button.. So instead of ruining your mouse click you need to be focused!! All in all a good browser game to spent some time!!! 3/5

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