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Dirty Bomb is a free to play first person shooter multiplayer video game set in London after a radiological attack. At the beginning of a match, the player is placed on either the attacking or defending team and must complete various objectives in order to win the round, while fighting both the opposing team and the time. The player can choose up to three mercenaries, or ‘mercs’, to play as during the round, and can switch between them freely between lives. Teamwork and communication are strongly encouraged during the game, as well as the fact that being the ‘lone wolf’ often leads to a short life

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  1. Very decent free to play first person multiplayer shooter video game.Gameplay is solid and graphic is great,I would recommend this game everybody

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  2. Great free ti okay FPS game, I played it with couple of friends and I suggested this game for our OGT. Game is really fun, it has multiple roles which makes this game take the best elements out of Team Fortress 2 and some better shooters. It’s not highly competitive like CS:GO and it’s not childish like TF2. In my opinion this is the best FPS game to have fun. Not the best if you are looking for serious competitive game, but the best fun FPS game IMO, really underrated game that deserves more attention. 5/5 from NeSsQQuiCk

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  3. Dirty Bomb is really interesting first person-shooter game which graphic is pretty solid.In this game you need to fight against others,complete objectives and kill your enemies to survive.It’s very solid game and I think it’s worth to spend some time on it,I recommend it to everybody.

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  4. I actually didn’t heard about this game, i just watched trailer.
    From what i see it’s good 1st person shooter game, interesting gameplay and good graphic.
    I would recommend it to everyone

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  5. I really do like this game mainly because it is not a pay to win game. It have very good graphics the gameplay is very smooth and not ridged like all the other crappy F2P games also its just good! Reminds me of another version of overwatch but better imo.

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  6. In Dirty Bomb, ruined London streets and abandoned train stations play host to multiplayer skirmishes where teams fight to complete objectives amid a hail of white-hot gunfire. It’s a twitch shooter at its most extreme: an arena of quick kills, high energy, and tired pinky fingers mashing down the sprint key. This fire-from-the-hip shooter arms you with shotguns, sniper rifles, knives, and, fittingly enough given the ongoing motifs, a cricket bat. Unfortunately, a lack of fresh ideas keeps the game from being memorable, while some bothersome glitches and lag stifle your enjoyment.
    Dirty Bomb moves at a brisk stride, but can’t help making a few awkward stumbles. Expect the game to occasionally freeze, crash, and kick you from matches–all three could cause you to earn a punishment if you don’t return to a competitive match quickly enough. These problems, while annoying, are thankfully rare, especially compared to the far more frequent problem regarding lag. And I don’t just mean the slight, second-long delays in the menu–which is also irritating. While playing, some shots that clearly miss can somehow strike a target, while bullets from your enemies can still find your fleshy posterior even as you round a corner into safety. More than once, while in the death screen, I saw the stationary ghostly figure of my attacker, and his or her shot going through a wall and striking my opaque mercenary in the back–leaving me to scratch my chin and sigh as I waited to respawn. It isn’t necessarily abysmal or game-breaking, but if you’re a competitive-shooting stickler like me, you will become increasingly aggravated as the game’s lag-charged issues become more obvious the longer you play.
    The formula is a recognizable one. In fact, if you’re well-versed in shooters, you can spot where Dirty Bomb derives its influence. There are ingredients from Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty, and, of course, developer Splash Damage’s own shooter Brink; it’s a melting pot of good ideas from the past. These all too familiar elements, however, prevent Dirty Bomb from defining its own identity and standing out among the crowd of its brethren. Even its name sounds like the last to survive a whiteboard list of slashed, rejected titles. But it’s not as if the game isn’t fun to play. It’s fast and frantic, it looks great, and the running, jumping, and shooting elements have an excellent tactile fluidity that makes the high-speed combat instantly accessible and able to entertain for hours. Beyond that, however, it just doesn’t do anything special.

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  7. Dirty Bomb is a cool shooter game, especially with emphasis on its gameplay. The game has a nice fast-paced speed and has a nice way of playing relying on objectives and teamwork. I also like that this shooter is not like shooters based on wars or old technology seeing that the weapons and maps look more modern. The model and graphics are clean, and there are various mercs to choose from, but I wish this game had some single player mode. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

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  8. I wont play this because I already have a lot of fps games at hand and I don’t have any friends playing it. However, this game looks pretty amazing! I like the graphics and the different modes based from the video. I have to rate this 5/5 but only basing on the trailer. 😀

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  9. 3/5 – Dirty Bomb is a free to play first person shooter. I just wish it had more players and popularity it would give me more incentive to play knowing that it has a large following

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  10. Dirty Bomb – A fun free to play FPS game. For some reason this game reminds me a lot of TF2 but that might just be me, or the graphics maybe. The game play is fun for long periods of time but the game isn’t super popular so not a ton of people play. It’s graphics and overall feeling are pretty enjoyable and since it’s free to play that’s a huge plus. I would probably rate it 4/5.

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  11. Dirty Bomb is a team based FPS game. The game takes place in London after radiological attack. It plays like a team multiplayer game with attack and defend game modes You have 3 different mercenaries to play as and you can switch between them while playing. This game looks good and plays well too. 4 stars!

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