Play 299 The Lost Spartan

You are last of 300 Spartan and u need to find way home, but u need to fight on your way out.


  1. I really like history,specially greek history.I watched 300 movie,also,and I like this game . Very good and interesting 2D game. You are only one who stayed alive of many Spartans. You have to fight with many opponents,and your goal is to get your homeland alive and in one piece.

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  2. This game is placed when all Spartans died in fight against Persia i think and you are the last Spartan remaining ……It’s good history game where you play as spartan and kill enemies…. You can do combos and many things, your goal is to complete many levels you can posible can….Recommend this game 4/5 from me

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  3. 2d combat arcade game.It is cool you control spartan warrior and must kill other warriors on start they are low but on next levels they are stronger and stronger some enemies got more Hp some got more damage because they got weapons like axes swords and spears,to reload your HP you can find bottle for regeneration of your HP usually that is on the ground.

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  4. There is an Ogre game very similar to this, and I prefeer it over this, both are 2D combat games, but I recommend not playing this if you are not fan of combat games, since it is not intense and can get a little bit borring

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  5. 299 The Lost Spartan is very simple game with simple story,you are the last Spartan who stayed alive and you want to find your way to home,problem is your way to home won’t be easy because you need to fight with enemies who killed 299 Spartans.If you are bored from complicated games and you want something new,then this game is probably for you.

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  6. Really fun 2d game, where you play the role of a spartan killing the enemies in front of you using different tactics. Yet it is somewhat repetitive, the feeling on playing the games story line creates my motive on further playing the game.

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  7. The concept is somewhat awesome. Cos it is from the historical event where 3oo spartans fought for their territory. Well this game have a cartoonish feel. I dont like it at that point. And also the gameplay is repetitive but well its still okay.

    6/10 Thumbs uppy~

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  8. 299 The Lost Spartan is an addicting 2D fighting game similar to Ogre Combat. I like the artwork, especially the gradient sky and the silhouette background as the environment does give off an “end of the world” feeling. The character art does look very Greek, and the game is well-presented. Gameplay-wise, I like the controls, especially the dash control when double tapping the left or right arrow keys. The player can even attack while dashing which was more than I expected for this game. The game also feels very progressive as you kill enemies, collect potions, and defeat harder enemies. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

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  9. Overall i really enjoy such 2D browser hack and slash games!! Using your arrow keys to move and having two keys to attack!! As its about a spartan fighting makes me wanna play it since i really like history/mythology based games!! A game that its worth playing if you want to spent some time!!! 4/5

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  10. Very cool game you need to survive by fighting those sparta soldier, It a little bit hard for me since I can’t regen my HP. What you need to do is keep fighting while using ur keys with a great timing so you can kill them without getting ur hp low.

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  11. Pretty good 2D side-scroller game. I’ve seen quite a few of these however which makes it less appealing. This one however is still quite decent. It has okay graphics and would be easy to play on older devices. The game play can get boring but overall the game may be worth checking out. I rate it 3/5.

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  12. 299 The Lost Spartan is a 2D beat them up game. You are the 300th Spartan who got lost and now you need to beat your enemies alone with many moves you have learned from your Spartan training. There are many moves to use against your foes and there are many foes alright! I like the style of this game and it plays well! 4 stars!

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