There’s so many browser games being released all the time, how do you know which ones are worth playing? For that matter, after carefully reviewing and playing some of the absolute latest releases, I’ll be keeping this article short and sweet. It’s not a listing of every new browser game in 2019, or even a top 10 list. It’s just 4 cool new browser games in 2019 that are definitely worth checking out. So read on!

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

With Game of Thrones final season more than halfway over, where can Westeros fanatics turn until George RR Martin finishes The Winds of Winter?

Enter Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, a new browser-based kingdom building game, similar in vein to Clash of Clans at its core. However, there are a lot of side activities to do, such as the 3D battles, which feel like a combination of RTS/RPG. Throughout gameplay, you’ll unlock real characters from the Game of Thrones universe to join your army, each with their own unique abilities. You set your army to auto-attack enemies, but can use cooldown-based abilities from the major characters you recruit.

The graphics are quite polished with a lot of detail spent on the major characters. It has great social elements, as you’re encouraged to join an Alliance and fight alongside other players. While building up your kingdom and waiting for buildings to finish, you can ask Alliance members to send resources. So similar to other base-building games, it could take a long amount of time, hours or perhaps days, to complete a building. But with the help of an Alliance, the time is considerably shortened.

Dragon Horn

If Game of Thrones doesn’t satisfy your thirst for dragonfire, this brand new online game available on Casumo may do the trick. This video game involves spinning your way alongside elves, knights and scary looking orcs.

The medieval-fantasy inspired game offers nice graphics and icons which are fairly reminiscent of games like Clash Royale.


As a sci-fi MUD, Starmourn does a lot of things right. The MUD genre may seem extremely outdated, I mean, who would play text-based games in 2019? And yet, Starmourn is quite appealing, and worth inclusion on this list.

What sets Starmourn apart from other MUDs is its respectable population – many MUDs have <30 players, yet Starmourn launched with around ~500 players out of beta. There is a heavy emphasis on roleplay and staying in-character, so you actually feel like a part of the universe.

Perhaps one of Starmourn’s coolest features is the space flight system. Yes, the space map is represented in ASCII, and yet it somehow feels realistic, with the help of your imagination. You need to read galactic maps, steer your ship, and react very quickly to hazards in the void of space. It’s really quite amazing what the Starmourn development team was able to accomplish.

Nugget Royale IO

There is a ton of battle royale IO games, so what sets Nugget Royale apart from the rest?

1) You play as a chicken

2) It has full 3D graphics.

Both of those are pretty unique in the IO genre, which merits inclusion on this list.


In a nutshell (eggshell?), you play as a chicken fighting for your life in a factory farm. You and 79 other players are trapped on top of a disk high above a factory grinder. The objective is to peck, dash, and claw the other players off the ledge and into the grinder, where they’ll be mashed up into a chicken nugget. Eating corn pellets that fall off the conveyor belt will grow your chicken larger, making it easier to push other players to their doom.


  1. I feel like newer browser games have been losing so much appeal, especially with the big push for HTML5 games (and with licensing being a wall, it’s kind of understandable why there aren’t as many quality browser games). The IO games have been doing pretty well, but I’m not too sure about the other browser games. And personally, I wouldn’t be interested in MUD games like Starmourn; just doesn’t have a modern appeal.

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