Role Playing Games are like books that you play instead of reading. You can go to different worlds and experience different things all in the comfort of your seat. You take the role of a hero (or anti-hero in some cases) and go for the adventure of your life to save the world, explore migliori siti Slot Online, save the girl, or save yourself!

  1. Sonny Series
  • So you wake up in a ship and you’re suddenly a zombie without any memory of what happened. Of course, the first thing you want to find is answers. Answers to questions like who you are, where you came from, or where you were supposed to be going anyway (unless you’re too far off the zombification process and think “braaaains”, but in Sonny’s case, you still good and part of you is still human). You take control of half human half zombie Sonny, who is also looking for answers to find out more about what happened to him. Will he ever get the knowledge he seeks or will he succumb to all the challenges along the way? Play the games, and I highly suggest playing the first game before the second as the second game is a direct sequel (the events start a few minutes after the first game ends) to get a better grip of the game and story.


  1. The Splitting Series
  • The setting of the Splitting series of games takes place in a world where there are people without shadows. In our world, that just probably means that they’re under shade or in the dark where light can’t reach them, but in the game world, it means that the shadow may be wandering in another world, a world that can only be reached through a mirror. This game tells a story of a whole different world inside a mirror, a world filled with weird stuff that you would need to manipulate, as this world is also connected to the real world in some weird, physical way. This game is a fun-filled Role Playing Game with a lot of puzzles and weirdness, making it a must play for those RPG loves, and the great story is a real huge plus, too.
  1. Dynamon’s World Series
  • It’s always been a dream for a lot of people to train some kind of monster to become their pet and guardian, and Pokemon has made this dream a bit of a reality (at least, in a game world), but since then, there hasn’t been too much else that gives you a shot at becoming a world class monster trainer. Enter Dynamons World, a game filled with adorable little monsters that you can tame and turn to pets to play with and fight with. You play as just an ordinary little boy who starts your journey as a trainer, but later learns that there’s something big an evil group is plotting up. Your goal is to catch and train Dynamons and use them to stop the plot against world domination. If that wasn’t RPG enough for you, I don’t know what would be!
  1. Murloc Series
  • The World of Warcraft MMORPG has been one of the most wildly famous games available for PC since the early 2000s, and is still playable with a huge playerbase today. One day, a guy just thought, what if I made one of the more unpopular characters a game where they were the main characters? This is when the Murloc, a race of fish-like creatures from the World of Warcraft got their break with the RPG titled Murloc. You play as Murc, a regular Murloc given a few errands to help with celebration preparations but will later find out that there is something afoot, and you will be the one to save your race from total extinction. The game plays like a regular Turn Based RPG, and all encounters can be avoided as you will see the monster before you battle it, and leaving and re-entering the area will give you a 50% chance of the monster not being there, not a good idea to avoid all fights though as you gain experience and items (like a regular RPG) through fighting and grinding. Murloc is such a great game that people demanded a sequel, and we now have Murloc 2. I highly suggest playing both games for those that love RPG games and Warcraft lore.


  1. Arcuz
  • Arcuz is another example of using a well-loved formula from a different game (in this case, from the Legend of Zelda games), put in a little uniqueness of your own, and you’ve got yourself a great game with solid gameplay, mechanics, and story. The game starts you off with its story, which tells about the land of Sakara being a rich land especially the village Arcuz, but because of demons and monsters, a dark age was set upon the land. Heroes came in and quelled the evil a few hundred years ago and the village has found peace, but the evil is starting up again, and it’s your turn to be the hero to save the land. The game has a great battle system, playing with the likes of the Zelda series’ action oriented battles. The game also offers a lot of quests to complete and items to collect, giving you more to do than just follow the story. Grinding is also a thing in this game, unlike the game it copied from. Enemies will give you experience points which will level up your character, giving you points to level up your skills and stats. Arcuz is a great game to play if you love RPGs, especially the likes of the Zelda games, but is also a good game for those starting with the RPG genre.


  1. Adventure Quests Worlds is also one of the best browser RPGs with over 100+ classes and regular weekly updates.

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  2. Unfortunately a lot of these browser games are dead now, especially the ones that run on Flash. And of all the RPGs listed in the article, the only one I’ve played is Sonny, which I played in 2009. I’ve never heard of any of the other RPGs.

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