For players who haven’t played Halo 5, lunging and sliding are movements that have returned in Infinite with tweaks. Pushing the crouch control while sprinting has practical applications; sliding is faster than normal sprinting. Therefore, sliding is your friend, whether you’re attempting to reach objectives or take cover in gunfights.     

You can shoot while sliding to get more hits in, even if you’re avoiding the attacker. We’ve also discovered that sliding out from behind cover and into battles is advantageous. You will appear faster than anticipated, and you’ll be a little lower, allowing any first headshots to miss you.

Get Closer

It’s all too easy to fire at foes as soon as they appear in the distance. This is another typical blunder that you should avoid. Shooting from a great distance reduces your odds of really inflicting damage on your adversaries and, more crucially, allows them to notice you’re there. 

It allows them to easily take cover and wait for you to get close enough before shooting you. Be patient, go up close, and pull the trigger only when you’re in a good position.


Understanding each grenade’s general arc and mechanics is crucial since it allows you to bounce them through windows, around doorways, and even throw them very high. It isn’t all about dealing lots of damage; even a small amount of damage at the outset of a battle can help you win. Keep in mind that spike grenades attach to the first thing they contact, while plasma grenades only stick to Spartans, resulting in an inescapable death.

Melee Attacks

You can use close-quarters melee strikes to smash foes, but learning some nuances can help you maximize damage. Timing is crucial, and you’ll want to utilize your bash after some shooting that decreases your opponent’s shield to make your strike successful. Two melee attacks will kill opponents with full health, and while smacking them twice isn’t always the greatest option, you may not have an alternative. 

You can one-hit kill opponents if you hit them in the rear, so if they’re close and haven’t spotted you yet, go in for a quick and silent kill instead of shooting them. Melee hits propel you forward, so you don’t have to be right up against your enemy to get a hit in.  


A common mistake in Halo Infinite is players constantly reloading weapons. Don’t overlook your sidearm: using it instead of reloading your current gun is significantly faster. Most of the time, you don’t need to reload your weapon, and only do it out of habit. 

Get Your Kill On

That’s our rundown of five crucial Halo Infinite tips. While all of this should assist you in getting better, the key to learning the game’s intricacies is to keep playing. It takes time to get acquainted with each gun’s style and the map layouts, and hone your skills. So, Spartan, get out there and continue fighting.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the gameplay of 343 Industries’ latest version of its iconic first-person shooter, Halo Infinite, is very similar to some of the series’ best chapters, so veteran players should feel right at home. If you are new to the game and haven’t used any strategy guides before, such as the guides by FPS Champion, there’s a good chance you’ve been outgunned in multiplayer matches by Halo veterans. Our tips should help you avoid missing kills, and maintain a K/D ratio that won’t make you look bad in front of your buddies.