While multi-player online role-playing game fans and veterans might boast about Destiny 2’s comprehensive story and mechanics, its complex system alienates beginners who find keeping up with the plot and mechanics quite challenging. However, following the right guide can help you understand the game and get you started quickly. Below are seven Destiny 2 beginner tips for 2023.

1.   Leverage Destiny 2 boosting

Destiny 2’s need for a significant amount of time and skill pushes beginners to quit too soon. However, leveraging Destining 2 boosting services can help them remain in the game. Destiny 2 boosting refers to a service where skilled players help achieve your in-game objectives faster. With these services, you can quickly clear difficult missions and tasks to boost your ranking. Completing Destiny 2 levels requires a lot of effort and time. Nonetheless, Destiny 2 boosting service can help you meet your goals in lesser time and effort.

Since this service allows you to play with the pros in the game, your gaming skills improve significantly due to the tricks, tips, and new play styles you get from them. Considering the many Destiny 2 boosting services available today, finding the right one can be challenging. However, knowing what to look for in a Destiny 2 booster makes things easier. The best Destiny 2 booster company should have many content options because the game has different content types. Their customer support services should be top-notch, and they must prioritize security.

2.    Join a Destiny 2 clan

A clan is a community developed and managed by gamers and can be accessed on Bungie.net and in-game. It provides a host of features that enable players to play and advance together. It also allows them to build and manage their community. A community is among the most helpful resources new players can take advantage of. There are many Destiny 2 clans ready to assist new players in understanding the game while helping with clearing activities.

To find a clan you can join, search Bungie.net Destiny 2 community forums. Being part of a clan gives you a community to play and talk to and weekly engrams for a clan that plays together. You can also get a community banner with passive benefits that unlock while your clan plays Destiny 2. These perks may include receiving more bonuses from public events.

3.    Use community resources

Destiny 2’s external resources can help new players boost their skills and experience with the game. They include:

  • Destiny companion app: This is a Bungie’s companion Destiny 2 companion app that lets you grab rewards from vendors no matter your character’s location. It helps with inventory management while allowing you to claim past season’s pass rewards
  • DIM (Destiny item manager): This site lets you trade items between the Vault and your characters on the fly while finding armor blends that offer your desired stats
  • org: If you’re a completionist, this app is for you. It displays progress on practically anything trackable in Destiny 2, including titles and Triumphs

4.    Focus on Xur

Xur is a beginner’s best friend. The mysterious agent from the Nine appears every Friday in random locations in your directory until Tuesday’s Destiny 2 weekly reset happens. Each time Xur visits, he sells an Exotic weapon and an Exotic armor item for each class. He also sells a Fated Engram that always grants an Exotic piece you don’t own at the moment.

5.    Learn everything about the weapons

Destiny 2’s weapon system is very powerful, which isn’t quite intuitive for beginners. Special weapons are more potent than the primary ones, while heavy weapons have a higher potency than the special ones. Since primary ammo is infinite and special is rare, consider using the primary weapons on weaker enemies to save the heavy and special ammo for the bosses and majors.

6.    Don’t ignore the subclass trees

Every Destiny 2 class, including Titan, Warlock, and Hunter, has several subclasses or elemental specs that dictate your passives and abilities. Everyone has four subclasses- Arc, Solar, Stasis, and Void. Each subclass contains a submenu that can be accessed through an inventory inspection.

The menu allows you to adjust your class ability, grenade, and movement ability. It lets you choose one of the two paths determining your passives and melee ability. These alternatives are not permanent, meaning you can tweak a subclass in practically any activity except difficult Lost Sectors and Nightfalls. You can alter your subclass path to align with your playstyle.

7.    Avoid completing milestones too soon

Milestones refer to the objectives appearing on your director, which is Destiny 2’s atlas for each playable activity and destination. Clearing these milestones grants pinnacle or powerful wear. Powerful gear is the only way to boost your power level beyond the soft cap. 1200 is above the soft cap, meaning you should focus on the core activities and avoid the milestones until you get to this cap. You shouldn’t earn pinnacle wear unless you require a significant power level boost beyond 1200 or until you reach 1,250, the hard cap.


Destiny 2 isn’t easy, particularly for beginners, due to its complex system. However, implementing these Destiny 2 beginner tips for 2023 can help you learn the game and enjoy the experience it brings.