Old School RuneScape game is one of the most loved games online. Old School RuneScape is published by Jagex. You can play Old School RuneScape game by installing RuneScape game client. It is typical of the players to love a game for some time, and then loses interest in the game. It is true for the players of RuneScape as well. However, some have left the game and some still love it dearly. Following are 7 reasons, why Old School RuneScape is loved till today:

  • This game refreshes memory lane.

Its predecessor game is 2007scape. Old School RuneScape is successor of RuneScape 2007, which was very popular in 2007. RuneScape 2007 was a very popular game among teenage adults and adolescents. Now, players of this game can go down the memory lane, revisit their characters, places and memories about the game.

  • This game does not stop you at a level.

One of the most amazing things about this game is that it does not stop you at a single level. You are progressed easily into next level unlike other games. Nowadays, after crossing 10 levels, difficulty level rises the highest and you get stuck at levels. With this game, you can reach 99 levels while playing it easily and comfortably. This game has its difficulty, but it does not have useless difficulty.

  • This game is accessible to all.

Another reason to play this game is that it is accessible to all. This game is accessible to almost everyone. Almost, anyone can play this on his/her phone. You can access more features by buying the membership of the game on very low prices.

  • You can win a lot of cash in the game.

This game can be very worthy for its players. You can win lots of money by focusing your attention on earning money. You can make as much OSRS Gold as you want. You can also purchase different items for your survival and development in the game.

  • Your craving for develops with time.

You develop a craving for the game with the passage of time. Once you earn money, you can show off your earning by buying expensive stuff in the game. First of all, you are suggested to purchase basic items so that you may grow in the game. Once, you are settled in the game, you understand your character, priorities and scenarios, you start enjoying more. This is the ideal situation of loving a game online.

  • You can earn real money with this game.

You do not have to just play the game for the enjoyment purpose. You can earn real money by playing this game. With the usage of correct platforms, you can trade the in-game currency and items earned in the game for the real money. One of such platforms is By using this platform, you can sell the in-game currency, items or gold for the real money.

  • Character Development is Interesting.

The character development of this game is very interesting. Initially, it takes a lot of time to understand the characters. But once you get the point, your interest starts to build in the game. You get addicted to your character, its endeavors and ventures. You would want to explore new things in the game. This is how; you fall in love with the game.

  • It is best to play with friends, family or another player.

If you are looking to play a game against another player, it is one of the best choices for such a game. You can play to vent your anger, share your happiness or laugh out loads during PvP sessions. If you are playing with friends and family, it is the best choice for such a competition. You can play and fight your heart out against your friends and family members. You can beat them hard, harder and the hardest!


Old School RuneScape is one the best games online available for players to play, enjoy and share. This game has very interesting levels, amazing features and good characters to play for. Almost, five hundred thousand people play it on daily basis. Maybe, you can try it and fall in love with it like we did.


  1. I think the main reason is nostalgia, and that tends to happen with older games. But when you show a newcomer an older game, it’s kind of hard to convince them to try out something like Old School RuneScape, because they’re so used to more modern MMOs.

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