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AdVenture Capitalist is a invesmets game, starting with some clicking and quickly advancing to mostly just checking in every once in a while to buy more things. It has a few interesting twists that make it unique: Angel Investors that permanently boost your profits, but can only be claimed by “resetting” your game, losing everything (except your Investors!) and rebuilding much faster than before; a focus on really, stupendously huge numbers.

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  1. AdVenture Capitalist is an decent invesmets video game,It has simple and interesting gameplay,I enjoyed playing it.I suggest it everybody

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  2. Adventure Capitalist is a game which money only matters.Solid game but a little bit boring to play.If you like these kind of games then you should try it.I think game is worth a try.

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  3. Adventure Capitalist is a neat investment game, sort of like Cookie Clicker except the objective is money instead of cookies. It is fun to play, and there are various unlocks and upgrades. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.4/5.

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  4. its an investment game that uses resources and corporate world as its setting. manpower and being smart is the key for investments to grow. its a good game to open the gamers knowledge about the capitalist world which is a great learning experience. thumbs uppy~

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  5. Id rate this 3/5 since it can be a platform for learning. Younger players can enjoy while having to experience planning and budgeting resources. Might not be the out there but Adventure Capitalist sure delivers its intended use.

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  6. Adventure Capitalist is a investment game, this is a decent game especially for educational uses. It’s not a game I’d play but i think more games like this would be a good idea.

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