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Adventure Quest is a small little free online RPG that people usually either love or hate. Unlike big MMORPGs this game was intended to be played in small doses instead of several hours a day. The graphics are obviously very cartoonish but gamers who hate free text games shouldn’t complain too much.

According to’s Review Directory Adventure Quest is one of the most reviewed games but has a rather low total score. Based on the current score of 5.67 it is safe to say that the gamers who hate Adventure Quest are winning score-wise thus far. The low score seems to indicate that players want a more involving free online RPG.

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Author: Deathmore
Rating: 9
Comment: Great game and lots of features especially with the one time $14 upgrade. Plenty to do and accomplish even without playing. Definitely worth checking out.

Author: BrocktonScott
Rating: 0
Comment: Awful awful awful. All around lousy. Could be a great game if there weren’t so many glitches and server problems. The graphics are weak and the story line goes nowhere. My advice is (to) “keep looking around” because this game isn’t worth it.

Author: jsimnett
Rating: 9
Comment: Amazing game even the the graphics look like its done on paint. It’s (not good) at first but when you get going on it is addictive.

Author: dungeonman45
Rating: 0
Comment: Worst game ever.

Author: c0ld_v0ltage
Rating: 6
Comment: This game isn’t bad on graphics its free and it a pretty large world of gameplay. (However) I find it pretty boring so I wouldn’t play it that much. There are better free games out there that you can play instead and be much much more entertained.

Author: Kazinoki
Rating: 3
Comment: This game is (not good) if you don’t have the paid version. (It) ruins the whole point of free gaming. Even when you do have the paid version it still (is not good). I do NOT recommend this game for anyone.

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Pricing Model

Adventure Quest is free but you can upgrade your character to elite Guardian status for a one-time fee of $14.95. The fee allows you to unlock special game areas weapons and customizable armor.

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  1. It’s a Flash RPG that used to be playable on a browser, but now requires a launcher. The game is average, but the game’s 2008 sequel AdventureQuest Worlds is far better since that game’s an MMORPG with much better improvements as opposed to the turn-based online RPG which this game is. The artwork of characters and monsters in this game (especially in the early versions of this game) aren’t the best, especially with very flat colors, but this was Artix Entertainment’s first RPG after all. Character creation also isn’t the best, since there’s not really a gender option other than hair options which does kind of help make genders somewhat distinct. Nevertheless, this game does receive weekly updates and there are some cool features like the ally system (where the player can call an ally for help in a battle) and the random adventure system where you can face against random enemies. But overall, I’d rate this game a 3.95/5; I feel like this game is more suited for those who grew up with this game rather than new players who grew up with later games like DragonFable and AdventureQuest Worlds.

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