At some point in time, the MMO genre became exhausted, so waiting for a good game from it was equivalent to trying to knock out the boss’s legendary gear on the first run. The annals were full of examples of high-profile failures and ambitious games that never earned their well-deserved popularity. And now, it seems that we are witnessing the revival of a great genre, inspired by the success of WoW Classic, Neverwinter, and Final Fantasy XIV.

With the growing popularity of games-services, players again turned their attention to interesting long-playing worlds, the potential of which can only be fully revealed by MMORPGs. After a little thought, we have decided to review all the curious projects of the genre, with the releases expected in 2021 or later. It’s not a secret that even the developers do not know the release date of the game. To get more free time for playing games, you can use the service Now, let’s move to the games.

New World

Since the Crucible project failed, developers at Amazon Games want to redeem New World, its first MMO. The game features a fantasy open world called Eternum, where gamers can use swords, bows, firearms, and magic, all through an active combat system based on Dark Souls.

New Worlds offers both PvP and PvE modes and large-scale 50-50 battles for control of territories. Amazon boasts that over 1000 players will be able to find themselves and interact in the same world, so they are looking forward to releasing the game.


Elyon, formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, is a future MMO being developed by Bluehole, the company behind PUBG and TERA. Here players will explore a huge open fantasy world in steampunk style. Unique is that the action takes place both on earth and in heaven. Personal aircraft, which serve not only as transport, is of key importance here. Many of them provide defensive and offensive capabilities that take full advantage of the game’s unique aerial combat.

Also, there are ground weapons: mechs, anti-aircraft artillery, and cannons, which make the large-scale battles of Elyon look like epic battles taken straight from a fantasy novel.


Release date: May 2021. An MMO, a completely destructible (with the simulation of real physics) and constantly expanding universe, is modeled using voxel and vertex technologies. For example, in a collision, your ship can fall in two or be scattered into small pieces, depending on several factors at once.

Starbase itself is built around the design and construction of starships and space stations, meteor research, galactic debris, and the like. Players can interact with each other in many different ways, including trade, cooperative construction, and battles. And finally, developer and publisher Frozenbyte announced the inclusion of a sandbox mode in the game, where you can explore your universe alone or with friends.

Shadow legends

A strategy game created in an exciting fantasy style. The plot of the game takes place in the kingdom of Teleria. The main character, an ancient warrior, tries to defeat the new lord Sairoth and restore peace to the kingdom. Players will face exciting battles in 12 chapters with pumping the character. After the end of the battles, players will be able to get fragments, which are the remnants of warriors and endowed with different properties. Since several people play the game, the players have the opportunity to see the leaderboard. With an abundance of heroes and stunning graphics, RPG fans find the game interesting and addictive. A well-thought-out plot intrigues players and gives a lot of impressions.