What started as our second official AQ3D Meetup for GameOgre.com quickly developed into a full scale event for the whole Blue Dragon server Friday at 4:30 PM Central time. As soon as we entered the special 100 player room set aside for the meetup, a unique cut scene started to play.

Then Artix himself came on and started with text on what was coming. Was a nice little side story on what was happening. The gist of it is that the room was like Hell and we were about to experience an army of monsters from it. Some of the monsters that we were attacked by are shown in screenshots below.

Of course, it was not all rainbows and sunshine. Since it was supposed to be a meetup but wound up being essentially for the whole server, there were some players that missed the whole point of the event. Others that I lovingly refer to as my “fan club” saw it as a chance to lash out for being clubbed a couple of times for causing trouble during previous giveaways. However, that little monster did not rear its ugly head until after the Event was over and Artix had left. That was the true end of the Event anyway.

That said, the hour or so in that fiery room was a great time hosted by Artix. It was nice to see that type of dedication to the community. You won’t see it often so it must be enjoyed when you do. With this in mind, GameOgre will be hosting regular meetups in the future that will be livestreamed. Those should be more structured and planned for just in case the trusty club is needed. The smashinator will rise again soon in the very near future. Expect an announcement here or on Facebook.

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