AQ3D is an action fantasy MMORPG game.



Game Description and Thoughts:

Long time online game franchise that finally has gone 3D. AQ3D can be played on the PC or mobile and is currently in testing at the time it is going in the directory. As can be seen in the screenshot, GameOgre has its own cape in the game. Not only does it look great, but it also does help your character as well. We have also Livestreamed the game on our OgreMedia Channel.

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  1. Very cool dungeon-fight online 3rd video game which can be played on PC or mobile device.It has cool gameplay and PvP,I suggest it everybody

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  2. One of better MMORPG that ive played. Starting from lvl 1 and atm u can reach maximum of lvl 15
    There are 4 classes atm: Warrior, Guardian, Mage and Rogue (also Dragon Slayer Class was announced)
    Every class has 4 set of abilities, 3 for dmg and 1 buff.
    Main way to get levels is doing quests and killing monsters. Biggest difference from other games is that in this one its so hard to kill monsters that are same level as you are. By killing monsters sometime they drop loot, that is used to craft gear and weapons, stronger weapons and gear can be found on dungeons or killing Elite monsters
    Community is awesome, when ever you need help and if there are ppl nearby then will help you for sure
    Loot, XP and gold aren’t shared, but every player that participate in killing monsters will get full amount of gold and XP and if loot is dropped every 1 can take it, not just one player.
    Most of quests are linked and has quite good story
    Dungeons are quite good and not to long, but you need to have at least 2 guys with good gear to finish them
    Elite monsters are spawned randomly, so sometimes u can kill 5-10 normal monsters till Elite ones spawns
    Even if Elite moster spawn, drop rates are random, for example u can them 20-30 times and still dont get loot
    Enemy monsters have huge dodge rate, basically they can dodge 3 attacks in a row, and kill you.
    It is so hard to kill monster that is your lvl, because all dodge of those chance
    Overall i have great experience playing this game, so much fun, and am playing to continue.

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  3. AQ3D is really good MMORPG game where you are an player who needs to pick who he want to be (which style of warrior).You got four different styles which are:Classic Warrior,Mage,Rogue and Mage.This game has pretty good gameplay and solid graphic.I would definetly suggest it to everybody.I played this game before and I really loved it.I give 5/5 to this game !

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  4. AQ3D, one of the best free MMORPG so far, although it is just in Beta Phase right now about a million players are registered. This is a Cross Platform MMORPG which you can play in any device like Android Phones, Tablets, PC and etc. that you have any time and everywhere(just make sure it has battery and you have internet). Its been a couple of years already since this Game Project started by AE (Artix Entertainment). It started with Tech Demo , Alpha Testing, Pre Beta , Close Beta and until now in Open Beta. Its already almost 2 years since it started, Many things have change in game, From all character are having the same armor until now they have more than 20+ armors that you can get now in game. Now they created some places already that you can travel and SLAY MONSTERSSSS!!! the most interesting part of an MMORPG and also you can do the Quests. Find the recipes and craft the Most Awesome sword and equipments that you can get to be with you to slay the monsters, No Worry if that sword or equipment has low Stats, Using the newly Released Cosmetics that they released a month ago you can use the most awesome set with the most awesome stats also. This game also released their first ever saga, Ashfall Saga, Although it includes a lot of problems,vv they manage to released it well so far… Ashfall Part 1 delayed for more than 1 month, Gosh…. That was the time when Ashfall Memes take Over the AQ3D Community Group in Facebook… But then when they released , it was really awesome, but a little bit disappointed also.. It is because some of monsters are just re scaled ( they just change some design and colors but it is the same monster in the other old maps) and the crafting of the New Set ( Dragon Scale Set) cost really high… But then they Released the Ashfall part 2 with a very interesting cut scenes , and also it will be the first time to meet the Villain in the Saga, DragonLord Talyn… It also the saddest part because it will be the first time in game that an NPC died… 🙁 But so far from a Lose of Money in Ashfall part 1 into a really Gold loot part… Why? Its because of the Sneevil that have a quests that have an OP Rewards… Even a level 1 can do it and level up , up to the max cap in just a couple of hours or days… But then Artix Entertainment change that quest to make the Gold farming balance again… well… some players got to 1 Million Golds already before they changed it… The Game was a really awesome game for me, its my first time to play such a game like this… I never played WoW that is why i never experienced playing a game like this, that is why i am so hype when Artix Entertainment released their First Ever 3D MMO… I really like this game so far and maybe until many years from now… This game have a Pretty great potential and can even become popular in a few years from now and I am very happy because I become part of creating it… Battle on!!!

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  5. Best Beta game ever. The game is not live yet but it sure is fun to play. If you ever play any aqw games then I bet you got excited and all, knowing there’s a 3D counter part. You can interact with other players(and mods), customize builds separately for stats and cosmetics, get transformations and finally quest through it all. I must admit the content is limited at the moment but the updates are incoming so there’s always thrill and excitement. It also doesnt need you to pay to enjoy the game. No significant advantage actually if you pay for stuff only cosmetics and the guardian class.

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    For a game that is only in its beta phases it is very very good, You start of as lv 1 and you can choose to start with 1 of 3 classes, Warrior Class, Mage Class and Rogue Class. After you create an account you will spawn into a 3D generated world where you will begin your adventure. From there on you can do whatever you like, you can lv up your character and unlock stronger items so you kill stronger monster. Hundreds of different animae monsters to kill, items to choose from and area’s to scout.
    If you havnt tried this game out yet, make sure you do! You wont regret it!

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  7. AdventureQuest 3D is a fantasy MMORPG and a sequel to the browser game AdventureQuest Worlds, You can play 4 classes Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Guardian the first 3 classes are available to all players while the Guardian is an upgrade for players to buy AdventureQuest 3D is currently in Beta so there may be more classes to come Adventure through while doing Quests and Storylines, You can party with your friends and slay down monsters from drickens, sneavils, wolves and more combine different equipments to get the best stats. Play the same character from different devices Android Phone, iPhone, PC or tablet.

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  8. AdventureQuestWorld 3D is MMORPG that’s i really liked tho. AQ3D is rly based on AQW, Which the storylines and other’s npcs were still here, We the AE’s fan were not really expecting that there would be a best game like this, It’s kinda free for mobile and ios users. They’re really made the AQ3D the best, Many players were playing it right now, The graphics and features of it is really smooth, When u max the graphics will make your gameplays good :), Even the AQ3D is still beta, It is good to play it earlier for an advanced, I’m hoping for other new adventures that will come to AQ3D , It seems the storylines were really short , But its not based on it cuz were still in beta. Ill recommend this game for others players still not playing it, This game is really cool , You will love this .. Promise 🙂

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  9. AdventureQuest 3D is a free-to-play cross platform MMORPG of Atrix Entertainment. It was a follow-up to AdventureQuest Worlds as an MMORPG filled with monsters, dungeons and most importantly loot! It has been a well-awaited game for many loyal veteran AE gamers and new curious gamers alike. I have started this game since May have travelled far and wide through the boundaries of this game, entered countless dungeons, faced the strongest monsters and met new friends along the way. I reviewed this game for those readers out there to catch a glimpse of what is AQ3D right now.
    First off, Atrix Entertainment was very innovative in making it a cross platform MMORPG. Nowadays, a lot of people play through their phones and tablets rather than play on their personal computers. This step brought a larger community together to play the game anytime they want. However, a cross platform MMORPG does has its cons especially on phones and tablets.
    One of this disadvantages is the controls. It is true that the controls for the PC version of AQ3D is simple and easy to use but it is a different case for Android and iOS users. The first time I played the game I almost gave up due to its controls. Moving around was already difficult and target selection was even more so. It took time before I got used to the controls. However, this was bound to happen for phone users and it will require practice for beginners.
    The control disadvantage led to another con for AQ3D, restrictions on strategy-making. Whenever I play an MMORPG, I always look for diversity of play and tactics not just the hack and slash animation. This diversity of play I am pertaining are things like kiting, buffing and debuffing of characters which can be rather difficult to do on AQ3D if you are using a phone. Changing targets, like mentioned before, is difficult and does hinders the players to neglect strategy and just win by overpowering the dungeon with level advantages, good equipment or potions. Players limited to Android and iOS phones are bound to notice this and as the game progresses, dungeons will surely get harder and harder, therefore creating a strategy for dungeons becomes even more essential in the game.
    You’re in-game character is a reflection of your strength and experience in any MMORPG you play. It is then important for me to review a few points on character customization, equipment and classes. Character customization in its beta stages is a bit disappointing. Your character creates your individuality in the vast number of players in the MMORPG game and AQ3D lacks more options to customize a person’s character. However, the weapons and equipment can fill this gap on customization. In this beta stage, you can already find a number of weapons and gears you can equip (as your stat-boosting gear or your costume). This ensures a great number of ways in developing your perfect build or look. One of the highlights of the AdventureQuest Worlds is its classes. In AQW, there were so many classes that it was almost impossible to be familiar with all of it for beginners. However, in AQ3D, we only have four classes. The three basic classes such as the warrior, mage and rogue and a “premium” class called guardian. The four classes are well balanced in my opinion but only the guardian class has a good sustain ability good for boss fights.
    In the end of this review, I also want to point out the maximum number of players in the area. In AQ3D, it is impossible to party or go to an area that has reached the maximum number of players. This is by far my most immediate concern in the game as it limits the players to join and play together for a quest or dungeon.
    In conclusion, AQ3D is a great game with a lore yet to be discovered however for it to become a better MMORPG game, Atrix Entertainment has come up with ideas that can create better individuality, devise exceptional gameplay and provide limitless adventures.

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  10. As a follow up on the review I did in the past two days, this review will now focus on THINGS YOU DO AND ENCOUNTER on AdventureQuest3D. This concerns questing, leveling-up, party/friend system, dungeons.
    At the very start of the game, the game tutorials kicks in and teaches the player the basic controls and interaction in the game. One of the important things to note in the tutorial is the quests. To acquire a quest one must click on the non-player character (NPC) and accept the quest which seems easy enough. Also, these quests were instructed by the NPC clearly making questing a much easier job. For beginners and players venturing in unknown territory, quest trackers appear on the right part of the interface pointing the direction of the quest item or location. Moreover, this quest tracker can also be customized in the options of the game. This quest tracker makes questing so much easier and faster.
    Questing is only optional for players in AQ3D but crucial if you want to advance towards the lore of the game itself. Questing offers a lot of experience or XP to the player who accomplishes it and the first step in leveling up. There are two ways of getting experience. The first one is questing and the second one is by killing monsters. Questing can give a lot of experience faster than just killing monsters in the early parts of the game which is a good set-up if you ask me. However, the story quests or the man quests can be hard to accomplish without good party mates and thus leveling-up with monsters is a much better option. Getting to max level (17) is a daunting task but can be achieve in less than a week if really focus on getting experience.
    The party/friend system is really something to be talked about. Questing, farming and dungeons can be much easier and fun with party mates and friends. Inviting someone for a party is easy and just by clicking the character of the person you want to invite then there will be pop-up box where you can invite the person into a party or by typing in the chat box “/partyinvite (username)” . However, the party can have be limited for some dungeons just to be fair. In the game, you can request for people to be your friends in game. This was a great idea for the part of AQ3D because they also added the option of inviting friends and going to them even across servers! This makes adventuring more fun and exciting. There is a downside on this. As mentioned in the previous review, there is a limit 🙁 in the number of people who can play in an area and this clearly limits people in enjoying planned “online gatherings and adventures” in the game.
    After discussing the party system, you are now ready to enter dungeons! No you are not! Most dungeons require the players to finish the corresponding story quest for the dungeon which is quite disappointing. I wish AQ3D removes this part of dungeons as it deters players from getting into dungeons. Dungeons often drop important craft materials and rare items that most players try to find. These craft materials are usually used in crafting the best weapons and gears in the entire game. Moreover, the rare items I was mentioning are really quite difficult to loot such as the soulboure axe and adds bragging rights for players who owns them. Most dungeons are relatively easy and can sometimes be soloed with the right gear. Dungeons are fun and exciting especially with friends around but without increased difficulty, the game might just get boring after getting the maximum level, completed all the rare items and accomplished all story quests.
    In conclusion, AQ3D is a great game and there’s no question there. What I wanted to see in a MMORPG is all present in AdventureQuest3D but lacks conviction for me to say it is the best. However, being in the beta stages we can still hope that the future might change that. 🙂

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  11. 5 stars! A little biased because i am now well and truly addicted as is the nature of this game! I wont waste your time reading an excessively lengthy review so in short: this game has a fantastic fanbase, all players are suprisingly helpful and always provide tips for anyone in need, game is set to be released in october bringing with it massive updates! This game is a multi platform game so regardless of situation, odds are your friends can join you in a dungeon! A nice lightweight app which is space conscious. A linear rpg story both captivating and immersive with your choice levelling up and expanding every class available through crafting gear which can be used for overall builds or specific attribute effective stats. Deep and engrossing game mechanics make this game A1! Try it today and you wont be disappointed.

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  12. Whoa I love AQ3D! I’ve played Artix games like DragonFable and AQWorlds but so far AQ3D is the best. Everyone can choose a class and customize their characters with different cool items that can be crafted or bought in game. There’s also seasonal events like Frostval where everyone can obtain really. Also, the graphics is actually pretty good for a game still in beta. Love it 😀

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  13. AdventureQuest 3D is an MMORPG that reveres back to its classic game, AdventureQuest, which started it all for Artix Entertainment. In essence, many classic pieces of AdventureQuest such as the NPCs, monsters, and concepts have become a part of AdventureQuest 3D, but the game is not a complete replica of the original since there are unique ideas put into the game such as new characters and areas. As a game currently in Beta, there has been a ton of progress with features such as dungeons, better storyline, and continuous improvements; however, there are also a ton of issues such as inconsistencies, bugs, typos, and other flaws.

    Starting with the positive side, the best part of the game is the community; without the community, this game would not entail as much progress since it was the community that helped fund AdventureQuest 3D during its Kickstarter, helped guide players with information provided from the Wiki and other useful sources, provided feedback to the developers to help improve the game, and kept the game alive by participating in the game’s Beta. Other positives of the game include:
    (+) Areas to explore, especially with the release of Artix Entertainment’s newest saga, Ashfall.
    (+) Hefty amount of content to collect and even some that players have enjoyed from previous Artix Entertainment games that were brought into this game such as Alpha Pirate, Blue Starsword, and Beta Berserker.
    (+) New features being added such as dungeons, a better party system, and new ways to interact with overworld entities, which is to be expected for a game that is still in testing.

    On the other spectrum, the biggest downfall would have to be rushed releases, especially when there’s too much expectations of releases. Sure, Artix Entertainment hypes up these releases on their news, but these releases tend to become a letdown when players notice that the quality of releases aren’t as expected. Releases are generally average with usual flaws like typos, bugs, and inconsistencies. In short, the problem is the expectation because players generally complain or desire for an early release, especially when there has been so much hype with news from Artix Entertainment. Consequently, a rushed release can affect the game in terms of balance (e.g. gold imbalance during Ashfall Pt. 2) and fun (having a first impression of players). Even for a game that’s still in Beta, there has been so much additions and changes to the game that it seems like quantity is being favored over quality. Other negatives of the game include:
    (-) Artix Entertainment focuses on moving on to newer releases and adding more content rather than revising and improving old content (e.g. the Necroknight still being referred to as Sargoth in some circumstances and typos/inconsistences that have been present since Alpha, unreplayable cinematics, and other areas that could be improved upon).
    (-) Mobile since it does not seem to be any better than the desktop version of AdventureQuest 3D and is just hindering the development of the game even more. The biggest issue with mobile is that it’s targeted more towards tablet users than phone users as seen with small buttons that are hard to click on and other parts of the interface that suit tablet users well than mobile users. Other issues with mobile include wonky controls like the joystick, reduced quality like shading, a cluttered interface, and more bugs. Sure, mobile may be convenient, but it can feel uncomfortable playing on mobile for hours, especially when grinding. Mobile gaming might be a popular trend, but not every single game needs to be playable on mobile.
    (-) Grinding since it can take hours to finish crafting items, sometimes even items that are purely cosmetic and have no added benefits like stats. For a game that’s targeting mobile players and a game that’s still in a testing phase, there should not be a ton of grinding, especially for items that are around seasonally (e.g. the Defender items) or just outright ridiculous (a 0.001% drop item).

    In conclusion, AdventureQuest 3D is fun for its community and continuous push towards greater success, but it lacks the first impression, improvements, and fixes that keeps its new releases as fun. My overall rating for this game would be a 6.8/10 though that could always change in the future when the game receives better development. AdventureQuest 3D isn’t a terrible game, but it isn’t the most outstanding game either; however, I will not stop playing just because it is not the best game ever since I have put a lot of attention to helping the game by backing during its Kickstarter and providing information for its Wiki, have accumulated so many hours on the game (5,097 hours total currently from playing through Steam), and have been a part of its community for a long time.

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  14. AQ3D is a cross-platform MMORPG. It is developed by Artix Entertainment which is a Company that made fun games like Adventure Quest Worlds, Dragon Fable, BattleGems and many more.
    I haven’t played any other Artix Entertainment games other than AQ3D. But because of some friends, I tried looking at AQW and i am surprised how well Artix Entertainment manages it so greatly that even a browser game like that prospered.
    I wouldn’t doubt that AQ3D will also succeed with ArtixEntertainment’s awesome staff.

    Firstly, When I started playing AQ3D, I used mobile. Which, in fact, from my experience, isnt hard at all. The controls seem flexible enough to do the tasks needed for the game experience pretty well. I didn’t have any difficulties whatsoever as other players say so. An analog button, 4 skills, 2 other tabs and a menu button. It was basic and game friendly. After few days of playing with mobile, i Then tried playing on steam. And surprisingly enough. It’s awesome. The details are looking good. The controls are very easy and comfy. The screen looks better too because the buttons arent clustered next to each other. The flexibility- Smooth.

    In game features :
    Who doesnt love partying? XD
    Well as of now, parties can only consist of 4 players. Some say its completely useless. But for me. ITS USEFUL ENOUGH.
    You can chat with your friends exclusively. You can also go to your party members easily. I believe that future updates will improve the party system so all is good!
    Keep on Partying! :p
    Another Feature :
    Want to keep secrets? Want to confess to your virtual crush secretly?(ahah sheesh) AQ3D got a whisper system! cx
    It’s very useful! You can chat with your friends even when youre on different areas with whispering!

    CUTSCENES! I enjoyed the cutscenes. The dialogues are quite funny too. Some are serious but also fun. I’m a huge fan when it comes to roleplay because it feels like im really the one inside the game. It’s wonderfully awesome. Sure there are only few limited gestures/emotes used for the cutscenes but hey! Were still on beta phase! If the cutscenes are good enough for beta, how much more if we enter the live game release.! I’m optimistic about this i hope you would be too!

    As I played through. I happened to get some “loots” which is basic to all MMORPGs. They use “lootbags” which you need to click in order to open it’s contents. It’s kinda awesome as i love role playing and it adds up to the “roleplaying touch” of the game.
    However. THERE IS A CON : Mean players can grief and step on top of the lootbag so other players cant collect. (For me, this is frustrating but can also somewhat SERVE AS A WARNING to not make anyone mad in game.) Or at least that’s what i do. This, keeps the community have a sense of “DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DONT WANT OTHERS DO UNTO YOU” or something like that :3

    DUNGEONS! There’s a part of the game where the players enter a dungeon. It’s like a raid for a maximum of 3 players. These dungeons are good for making better gears! They have different separate stories too. Which is fun on it’s own. From a cave full of Spiders to Cult infested caves. Etc etc. These dungeons have secrets too. CHESTS! These wonderful chests give you potions to be used for harder fights and challenges. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE…
    If you happen to bump into a Rare type of chest.. You have a chance on getting a rare weapon! (O.O1% drop rate-Can you believe that?! O_O) There are currently 3 rare items obtainable from rare chests.
    Rare Greenguard Chest : Traveler’s Backpack
    Rare Doomwood Chest : Doom Ripper
    Rare Tower Chest : Soulborne Axe
    These items are reeeeallly rare to the point where you will be one of the cool (kewl or kool :3) kids. Well Played! :3
    Overall, The dungeon system is a pretty good attachment to everyone’s gaming experience.

    There are currently 3 basic classes and 1upgrade at the moment.
    Basic : Mage/Rogue/Warrior
    Upgrade : Guardian

    Basically, you can get all the basic classes which can really help throughout your gaming experience. Mage being a good class for “kiting enemies”. Warrior being a good class for clearing massive amounts of enemies at the same time. And Rogue for 1on1 fights (useful for bosses)
    On the other hand, Guardian is a good damage dealer and also a tank because of a healing spell. But unfortunately, Guardian class cost real money. But don’t chu worry! The AQ3D Discord, Facebook and Twitter communities and any other communities/websites especially Gameogre, are always so helpful and makes giveaways every now and then. So you can enjoy Guardian class with it’s attached perks.
    And there will be lots more of other classes waiting to be released! Much more fun incoming! More flexibility! More interest in gaming!

    Next is the LEVELING SYSTEM.
    Before, the leveling system is a little bit hard.. It was so difficult to the point where you either have to grind for hours or even days to level up, or get some help from higher level players.
    Like, after beating greenguard, you’ll be at a disadvantage when facing enemies on the next area which is Livingstone Caverns.and then youll be more underleveled when you advance to Doomwood Forest and so on and so on. But after an UPDATE,. The leveling system and also the stat system got revamped. They made it more easier (as i have experienced, they even said so on one of their articles). So basically, AQ3D is progressing quite well. It became noob friendly! Welcome New Players! <3

    Lets talk about the Stories of Lore.
    The stories are great so far. They mix goofiness with seriousness. The plots were always interesting. They have plot twists and surprises too! It's more fun that way. So far I enjoyed the Doomwood's saga the most. And I hope for a continuation. Ashfall's Saga is being made pretty good too. The AQ3D Sagas have too many possibilities. It's an ever expanding world (where players can also contribute on ideas). I really believe that this game will prosper! Too much potential!

    Let's move on to the EVENTS.
    The events on AQ3D always been great to me. (A little grindish because imo, they made it like that so we would have longer time to be busy for next updates.) I missed events like October 13th, Mogloween, and Frostvale T^T. But hey! They will be back. Events that AQ3D released when i was around were fun, and addictive. These events give rewards in form of items (crafted or looted). And they get removed after the events which makes us feel more "exclusive". But all in all. AQ3D made a great job on events.

    Lastly. Let me talk about the AQ3D Staff. They are the best staff MMORPGs can have.
    They listen to every suggestions and ideas players have. They are very approachable. You can ask all of your questions to them and expect to be answered politely (or savagely, depending on ypur question)
    They are goofy and make things more fun around the game. Some chat with normal players from time to time. Some even helps on collecting rare items and equipments. Some even messes around and spawn monsters to give players some challenge every now and then.

    My remarks : So far this game has been great. There are bugs of course. But the staff are trying their best to get rid of these. The community is great too. You can meet various peeople and enjoy their company.
    I'll rate this game 8/10

    Cx more powers and.. BATTLE ON!

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  15. AdventureQuest 3D is a developing free to play MMORPG that can be played on PC (Steam) or mobile (iOS/android). It used to also be playable on the web but unfortunately Unity3D discontinued their web plugin. It’s a very relaxing game and is a perfect side game. The mechanics are not complicated or confusing to get used to, for me personally I play it to get away from the more harder games like CS:GO.

    AQ3D is AE’s most F2P game yet and there are no memberships or monthly payment plans at all. The game does offer a micro-currency called DCs (short for DragonCrystals) but whether you decide to buy them or not does not mean you will be at a lesser playing ground. DragonCrystals has its uses, like buying more bank slots (to be able to store your favorite gear) or if you don’t like waiting hours or days for an item to craft, you can also use DCs to speed the process. There are also Travel Forms you can buy for DCs, currently there’s a Dricken travel form being sold at Gaz which provides a 130% movement boost. But as I mentioned before, having DCs or not will not affect your overall gameplay experience. The micro-currency is only there for players to support the game and keep the development going forward.

    Right now you start the game with either Mage, Rogue, or Warrior class. More classes (like Healer, Necromancer, Dragonslayer) will be added later once the class revamp happens in the next few months.

    Rogue is good for soloing bosses (I would suggest using combos 1-1-1-1-4-3 this will increase your evasion, crit and also double your damage during a battle).

    Warrior is good for farming with War Cry and Whirlwind being the most useful skills. War Cry will increase you and your friendly targets attack power and Whirlwind is a AoE skill that will hit all enemies lured around you.

    Mage is mostly good for hitting enemies when you’re at a distance with Auto Attack and Fireball being the most useful skills.

    The main feature I’d like to cover in my review are dungeons. Most dungeons have 3-4 rooms and the fun part is every time you join a dungeon you will spawn in a different room. There will also be other players there helping you get through these dungeons, but you can also play through them solo which can be useful for finding rare chests. Everyone starts the game with 20 Dungeon Keys and most dungeons will cost 1 key to enter, although the dungeons from the random adventures do not require any keys. After you’ve used all your 20 keys you can either wait the given time or use 100 DCs to replenish all 20 keys. For the most part, you should be able to complete any task in under 20 keys.

    Future features planned after the game launches on October 13, 2017 include PvP, pets, guilds, houses, trading, and more.

    As of today, I would rate this game a solid 6/10 with potential to be a 7/10. There are still a lot of bugs, glitches and unfinished business as this is game is only in Beta but I have faith that AE with a record of making successful games like AQ, DF, AQW, ED that AQ3D will some day join that reign.

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  16. AQD3, a game that was unknown to me since the last 3 months. I started playing this game when I was browsing my phone for new games. Of course, at times I just need a new game to consistently pursue and work on, therefore I decided to look at the MMORPG category.

    Furthermore, I can recall my friends stating that they know a similar game AQW. I decided to ask them if this game perhaps meets my standards. Obnoxiously, they responded with “play the game kid, you’ll love it.” And so, I made room to download this game and cleaned my gallery of pictures.

    Once I launched the app, the game astoundingly told me to create an account. Once logging into the game, I chose the rogue class and began my journey. AQD3 was releasing the April Fools event during the time I started playing, and of course, I was too new to understand what is occurring in the game. Therefore, I missed the event in a couple of days or so. But since then, I diligently played this game for 83 hours.

    Playing this game evokes me to recall the times playing RPGs as a child. I remember the days as a middle schooler, playing games like Final Fantasy and Oblivion for hours. This game really touches the inner child of me. Furthermore, this game brought a whole new dimension for me to release my stress and relax gaming.

    I discovered that this game is just in its beta stage, therefore I support this game by buying classes to get this game to be played worldwide. There are benefits to buying the Dragon Guardian class, such as more storage in the game, or new travel forms, and of course Dragon crystals! I did not take any regret on what I have spent because my money was worth spending to the game I love .My love for this game, ever since the tutorial dialog in the game to the final quest in Magma Mines is truly undeniable.

    Mechanics of the Game​

    Multi Platform Game
    I played this game for a long while to be able to know the mechanics. The mobile version of this game does have some lacking in some mechanics but runs as smoothly as my laptop.


    -Alright so earlier when working with the settings, I figured out that on the laptop, I’m able to change the Resolution. This is really helpful because I usually minimize the game to 600×900, so that I can watch videos while farming.
    -The settings also includes a music, sound, whispers, name plates, and as the newest update a size customization on chat. I highly recommend using these changes if you are being annoyed by members of the game.
    -There is also an option key, which allows players to lower graphics and zoom.
    -Also, for those having trouble with the keys in the game, you can fix it just by changing the keybindings. Movements can be changed as well as actions just by typing the key you feel more comfortable with. Now I use this keybindings because when I first started AQD3, the game was really difficult to control.

    Story Line​
    Now the story line, the game still is in beta which I hope to see more progress to how the story will be expressed amongst the players. I learned that the story line undergoes a silent reading of dialog and some cutscenes. The quest that is found off of NPCs, leads players to different areas amongst the maps. My journey when doing the quest, allows me to find jew friends and parties to partake. As you level up, the game also progresses by level, so every new place you travel to the level of the monsters increases! It’s a really good idea to do all the quest before moving to the next map. I do not suggest using the travel gui because it ruins the players chance of really playing the game single-handedly. Also, many of the NPCs in the game do not talk, however the ones that o and includes cutscenes provides quests for the player. However, there are some NPCs that will not be able to provide a multiple amount of the same quest if it’s apart of the main story line. So some of the items given by the NPCs, might never make it way back to player if deleted. I am not going to spoil the whole story for any new members in them are so no worries reading this post here.

    In-game Functions​
    Commands: The game includes commands for people who are mainly types that typically do not like using the travel gui. To use this function, the player must type “/join place” in order to travel. This is a travel command for players that are having a tough time looking for particular maps.
    Emotes :): To use emotes the player must also type using the slash before the word. Here is a list of emotes you can use in-game atm:
    /cry, /levitate, /exorcist, /mj, /squat, /facepalm, /fistshake, /thewave, /wave, an /comeon

    Now the dungeons, this game allows different dungeons found across different maps in the game. I usually do dungeons with friends in parties, so we both can grind and benefit off the keys we spent. Oh yes, dungeons are limited with 20 keys, It takes time for it to recharge, but can recharge by using DC. But overall, my dungeon experience of fighting bosses and grinding for gear is remarkably exciting.
    Major List of Dungeons in the Game
    -Umbral Caves (+14 Lvl)
    :drops doom ripper (The item I’m still looking for)
    -Magma Falls (+16 Lvl)
    :Furnace Set items
    -Crimson Cavern (+lvl 5)
    :drops the travelers pack (Also another item)
    – Shadowskull Tower (+ lvl 13)
    :drops necrohen hat, war torn cape, corrupted brain slime, decayed dragons bane, and soul borne ax

    Now those three items that I highlighted are items that are rare to find only in Rare chest in the dungeon. However, don’t believe it’ll come out the first sight you’ll see a rare chest. There is a very low drop rate on these items.

    Basically, there are events for every major holiday such as Mogolween, Christmas Event, and the April Fools event. These events allow players to obtain certain items for a limited amount of time before closing. However, these events do come every year, so it’s not really an exclusive thing but more of a fun experience with friends.

    Menu Items​
    Potions: There are many potions in the game. Some players are familiar with are minor healing potions, minor mana potions, and crit/attack/defence boost potions. These potions benefits in a limited amount of time when used. However, players can stack these items.

    Travel Forms: Paying for travel forms may be rough, however, there are benefits. As stated before in my previous post, I spent money to donate and help support the game. Paying money for DC or classes really furthers the game development team to progress.

    Major List of Travel Forms:
    -Armored Red Dragon (Bought by DC)
    -Battle Dricken Claw (Bought by DC)
    -Shadow Wolf Paw (only for Kickstarters)
    -Elite Guardian Rider (only for Elite Guardian upgrade)

    What is Kickstarter?​
    Basically, Kickstarters were the first people that supported the game and donated money to help promote the game. These people are practically the saviors that started up the game. Thanks to them, we now are in the Beta stage of AQD3. Kickstarters do get rare items for their help, such as the Shadow Wolf Paw, Alpha Pirate Set, and etc. These items are perma rare, and are only for the Kickstarters. You can find more info of kick starters in the Sanctuary by going to Yulgars Inn asking Melodia about the Sanctuary.

    Customizing my character can be done by both DC and gold. All players want to look unique to their own perspective. They create characters that describe who they are or want to be. For example, dress as wearing dark colored clothing to show the resemblance of a Nightingale from the game Skyrim. There are many ways to customize your character, as well as the hair and skin tone of the character found in the barber shop for only 500 gold.

    Future of AQD3?​
    Well after my few months of playing this game, I’ve really looked up and check daily on updates about this game. I know that once a player plays and travels to battle-on, there are places with restricted areas like the Pet shop, the houses, and museum. These areas are most likely going to be added before the final release. Which means… There will be monthly or weekly updates on this game making sure to fix any bugs or create any events. So the future looks bright for AQD3!

    My Final Conclusion​
    Overall, this game is remarkable, one of the finest MMORPG’s I have played. This game allows players across the continent, to experience gaming, making friends, and finding hidden treasure all so exciting. Therefore, I rate this game 4/5 stars. Just because the game is still in development and is released this October the 13th.

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  17. I love playing this game all the time i started playing in closed beta and I’m still playing it now in open beta great game met lots of people and great story’s to play in game.

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  18. I must say, there is potential. If you liked any other AQ game then you’d love this. Remove the money grab aspect of AQW, add graphics, add fun, remove bots, now it’s AQ3D. I’m in love with this game 🙂

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  19. One of the best mmorpgs on the market at the moment and finally in its last stages of open beta the game is coming together nicely. Aq3d is a cross platformer and doesnt have any issues running on a mobile. Devs are actively engaging with players and the whole community is overwhelmingly positive i would highly recommend this game to anyone!

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  20. Ok there are a lot of things i would say for this game but ill be brief!!!
    I have always enjoyed Artix Entertainment games since i was a kid.. Its a company that is supported by its fanbase and it always listens to our demands and opinions which is what makes them so great!!!
    Aq3d is the first 3d game this company has made!! I was so excited when i first heard about it!!! This game offers you adventures, battles, character customization and fun!! The community is very pleasant and the gameplay doesnt really restrict you in any way (logging in everyday for bonuses, having to stay online to be competitive…). It is the perfect game to spent your time have fun and look good!!! You can also play it from all platforms which is great!!! Finally i gotta say that AE has never let me down and that this game has a lot of potential to be great!! Thats all..

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  21. I played AE games during 2006 i started with aqw, aq and df. AQ3D has a lot of potential since it’s there first 3D game in AE company. The is really fun they have cool features such as crafting , party ,dungeons and even raids on the upcoming ashfall 3 event. They also have seasonal events like mogloween , frostvale and pirate stuff , friday 13th and more come. I am hoping that this game will be a hit after the live release!

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  22. I started playing AE games years ago started on the year 2012 i cant really remember tho but this one! Is the new whole level of their work all of their games was awesome but this is like x2 awesomeness I started playing AQ3D 1 year ago so far I really loved the game and planning to stay for a couple of years and also the best game they can offer 2nd to AQW xD this is their first ever 3D game. I really love some features in game like cosmetics you can equip items for looks and will not affect your stats and also party system, dungeon raiding it really needs teammates and cooperation you can make alot of friends cuz of that and also crafting it makes the game more challenging more grindfest plzzz and their Original maps,NPCs and Monsters well some of them are already on their old games and I also love seasonal events like Mogloween and Friday the 13th and the best one is the community, players giving/gifting other players with codes/aps/dcs for free and the best part is the gamedev it self they listen to players suggestions and they also help players with their problems although they need alot of time to reply to you but still. Thats alk thank you.

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  23. I started playing AE games back in 2005. I was only 10 at the time, and I have continued all the way to today supported this amazing team. AE has always been about the players. They listen to the community very well, participate and talk to their players even in-game, and consistently release weekly update in all of their games. I’ve been a tester for many of their games over the years. AQ3D is their new project. I was a Kickstarter 120$ backer because I believed in this team and what they can do for this game. They stepped out of their comfort zone of 2D browser games to create their first 3D game. They wanted 200,000$ through kickstarter and got 400,000$! Shows you how strong their community is. Every phase, every event, every bug, and every testing so far for this game has been amazing. By far the best game they’ve ever created, even better than old AQWorlds. They have the vision and devotion to make this a great game that focuses on the players. 100% no doubt would recommend to ANYONE! Be apart of the growing legacy of this great game and great team!

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  24. AQ3D is A Great time killer ! You can invite ur friends and play ! Tho its still indevolop ! Imma tell u this once! Play aq3d asap before u regret it.

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  25. A great growing MMORPG game not Pay to Win, 100% Free to player and Play for fun. A good stoty open world game with some dungeosn (yes, both systems), the Devs are so active and developing the game for the players. Put youserlf on an adventure with lots of dragons, swords, equips and, for sure, mechanics!

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  26. Adventure Quest 3D is based on Adventure Quest World this game made an great impact in mmorpg world when its first released .. So AQ3D is one of the best MMORPG right now .. You can play this game in any devices .. Must 2 GB ram to avoid crashing or lag.. This game is still beta and we will see more updates in the future .. Good thing about this game already have many low drop rate items that you won’t get it on a single run tho still depends on ur LUCK. Dev is fair enough with free players .. Today AQ3D is best than before haha.. When they added treasure chest . inside this chest you can get random cool items like silver talon , wolf set and more ! you don’t have to TOP UP or upgrade to get cool equips . but if you can / want to support AQ3D you will need to TOP UP sometimes.. Ofc they will need our money ( donate ) to keep the game better and better .. So guys I suggest try this game right now and explore the world of lore ! BATTLEON !

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  27. Adventure Quest 3D – Based off of the original Adventure Quest flash game Artix Entertainment as come back once again with another great game. Bringing back many of the classic things you remember from the old AQ! This time the game is in 3D!

    Lets start with some of the best features and fun aspects of this new 3D game.
    First, this game is available on PC and on Phones! This means that you can be playing with friends on your phones while they are on their PC! If you are grinding on your PC and need to take a quick break and relieve yourself all you gotta do is just log in on your phone and you can take the game with you! You never need to waste time!

    Second, this game takes all of the classes from the AQW web game and brings them back and improves all of the class mechanics. All of the classes are balanced so there is not one class that is just far more overpowered than the others. All of the classes are available for every player and will not be leaving the game. So everyone has a chance to use any class. Each of the classes are easy to obtain although it takes time. Another cool feature for classes are the recently added Cross Skills. Once you earn rank 10 for a class you unlock it’s cross skill. Cross skills can be moved from class to class depending on which one you want to use. They all are unique and have a special little usage.

    Another great thing is the game is still in Open Beta. You can still join and get some beta privileges when the game finally goes completely live.

    The staff often interact with the players doing live events and small things like that.

    The game gets updated weekly though the updates are usually rather small. The game is completely funded by the players and it’s not too expensive to support it although it’s not necessary. The game is definitely not pay to win.

    Now a few cons.
    Since the game is still in Beta it still has a whole lot of work to be done. There are still many glitches though they are not game wrecking. Fortunately the developers are constantly working on them to fix them for the players.

    The story line still needs help. This isn’t really a problem because the game is still in Open Beta and not fully ready to release yet.

    Since the game is still quite new it’s fairly easy to reach the level cap (25) and get maxed due to the limited content. It doesn’t take that long to finish the game. This causes some players to leave once they max out and results in less players.

    My take on the game
    Personally this is my favorite game to play right now. I really enjoy the light-hearted humor of the staff and owners of the game and their interaction with the players. I’ve been a fan of the original Adventure Quest and Adventure Quest Worlds game for a very long time so maybe I’m a little bit biased. Even though I’m maxed I still enjoy playing the game and hanging out with other players. The community is also quite good for now.

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  28. This game for me is awesome! The light hearted game play, and community is great. I play this with my son who is six and we have a blast. The last main event with him was very cool, and matrix personal message at the end was very inspiring.

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  29. I absolutely love aq3d, it is one of my favourite games in the genre, what I love most about the game is the sheer randomness of some of the weapons monsters and locations, the game has a great community where everyone is always happy to help and has a real team spirit.

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  30. i love the game but the amount of money for the guardian or dragon guardian class and the price amount of dragon crystals they put on items are frustrating!!!!

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