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ü  Type: Free Online Game

ü  Genre: 3D MMORPG

ü  Area: Global

ü  Platform: PC

ü  Publisher: Webzen

ü  URL:

ü  Description:


Archlord X : The Chronicles, is a middle age fantasy-based 3D F2P MMORPG game with upgraded Graphic and comfortable User interface. Archlord X mainly focuses on a various massive battle system such as Archlord Final Battle, Castle Siege, Dungeon & Field battle and Shrine battle. Players will receive a powerful stimulus by an extremely fierce battle against other race to become the true ruler of Chantra, the Archlord. Experience Archlord X at


Archlord X Game Overview


Archlord X and Archlord are connected by their world view and the storyline. Archlord X game scenario is based hundred years after Archlord, when Chantra fell into chaos from the Archon running out of control. The main concept of this game is PvP between races and players can experience a large scale Race versus Race massive battle system by a new content called ‘Shrine War’.


What’s So Unique About Archlord X?

Shrine Battle

Shrine Battle is the main content of Archlord X : The Chronicles, which causes conflict against other races. Players will stimulate an extremely fierce battle against others throughout 8 shrines which is located in the central of Chantra continent.


– Available for all players in parties

– Battle Cycle: Once every 4 hours

– Benefits: Special buffs, Charisma point and Authority of Shrine Dungeon Entrance


Archlord Final Battle

Players will battle with others until the last one remains to become the one and only Archlord.

The Archlord will be given special privileges that no one else can obtain


-Available for all players in each server

-Battle Cycle: Once a month

-Benefits: Special privileges such as Archlord-only costume and other equipments


Castle Siege

Castle Siege is a guild battle which player fights against other guilds each race to achieve the honor and wealth for your own guild.


-Available for guild members only (10 ~ 100 Players)

-Battle Cycle: Once every two weeks

-Benefits: Special dungeons, hunting fields, equipments & costumes for the guild members


Dungeon & Field System

Dungeon & Field System provides players various battles against other races in the limited dungeons and fields where player can collect unique set items and find powerful unique items.


– Available for players in parties

– Battle Cycle: Always available

– Benefits: Able to hunt boss monsters in dungeons for special items


ü  Other Unique features of Archlord X

  • Up-graded Graphics & UI

(Easy to play with improved User Interface)

  • More Convenient Party Matching System

(Search levels and classes that matches the players)

  • Quest Journal System

(Various races and epic quests)

  • Item Trading Shop

(Exchange items in-game without having to open up a personal shop)


Archlord X Trailer Movie


Ø  Archlord X Trailer – The Rise Of The Shrine War