Every year, countless games are released. You will play many of them and often you will stick with series, developers and genres you are used to and enjoy. However, taking this route can cause you to become bored with with the games you play. You no longer feel excited to play more of the game each day and instead it can become a chore as you try and finish it before you move onto the next game. If you find yourself in a rut and want to mix things up, then read on for some games that bring something different to the table.

Undertale was released last year to much critical acclaim. The independent RPG that’s throwback to old Mother/Earthbound and Shin Megami Tensei games took the world by storm. Playing as the only human in the Underground, you explore, find items, come across enemies, friends and more in a fun, quirky yet thought provoking story. This sounds like a typical RPG but what’s unique is the fact the game encourages you to play peacefully. A total pacifist run is necessary for the true ending, and this involves defeating all enemies without ever killing them. You won’t level up, so you stats stay low, but you defeat enemies by befriending them, amusing them, complimenting them and more. This non-violent approach is a breath of fresh air, though a total genocide run, in which you wipe out all enemies in the game and eliminate battles altogether is another gameplay option.

Live online games can be a lot different than your typical video game. They require less complicated inputs, there’s no collecting or leveling up and they require different qualities and strategies. Some games can match your wits and your ability to read the opponents, similar to some ideas you’d get in other video games. Others can rely on keen eyesight and reactions, which are important video game abilities. What separates them though is the slower pace and the intensity. You can wait seconds that seem like eternity for a play and one small mistake can make all the difference between winning or losing. Cash prizes also make some online games unique, as they sometimes offer big rewards. If you want to give these a go check out Coral’s tips when playing live casino.

The Souls series, consisting of Dark Souls I-III and Demon’s Souls (and Bloodborne being related) have become infamous being some of the most challenging games around, they have amassed a huge following of gamers wanting a true challenge. Many are put off by this but the game is balanced. It isn’t unfairly tough and that’s what’s special about it. The game is unique because it pushes the player to get better. While no control over saves, limited healing, the possibility of permanently losing unspent experience/currency, invasions from other players and more all add to the formability. You can’t just power through the game, continuously reload or look up a guide for victory. You have to play smart in order to defeat bosses, as you must learn their patterns and how to deal with each attack. It’s extremely rewarding when you vanquish a tough enemy or make your way through a torturous area but you forgive the game for all the difficulties as it has improved your skills.

These are just a taste of the unique games out there, with these and more allowing you to break out of a rut and try something special.


  1. One thing that seems very trendy with indie games is that a lot of (successful) indie games borrow inspirations from retro/old games. Undertale is probably a great example since that game was inspired by Earthbound/Mother and other games, and was mostly made by one individual which is an impressive feat.

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