The Attack of the Number One is the first official adventure of the Ogre Adventures RPG.

Where to Play


Armed Orc



Your level and more will change as you take part in adventures such as this one.

1. You have to roll higher than a certain number to get past an obstacle or monster.
2. You start with this adventure.

Phase One

You approach a great wall with a huge statue blocking the only entrance. To get past the wall and move onto the next area, roll a 60 or better.

Phase Two

As soon as you reach the other side of the wall, a mean looking dog with two heads confronts you. Using your attack bonus, defeat this monster with a score of 55 or better.

Phase Three

You defeat the monster dog, receiving a one point strength bonus in the process, and start to move further past the wall. A whirling tornado of fire moves straight towards you. Roll a 65 or better to get past this using your stamina bonus.

Phase Four

You make it past the whirling firestorm and earn a one point stamina bonus. You then run across the grass until you reach the edge. Far below you see a flowing river and a cave entrance even further off. Roll a 66 or better with your stamina to make it to the final phase of this adventure.

Final Phase

You make it to the cave entrance (earning a +2 stamina bonus) to only be confronted by a single armed orc that is attacking you. In other words, BOSS FIGHT! Kill the orc with a 75 or better using strength and stamina to make into the cave to complete this adventure and reach Level 2!

Any player that completes this adventure will reach level 2.


  1. The first adventure of this game and it’s a starting point for everyone joining in! I did complete this one and i went on another adventure afterwards. Not too difficult but it can take sometime if you get unlucky with your rolls.

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