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This is the second match in the second  round of GameOgre.com’s Online Shooter Showdown 2011.  This a tournament of the top online shooters and FPS games as voted on by gamers.


Battlefield Heroes had a measure of revenge against Quake Live in the first round while Crimecraft easily won against S4 League. Which game will move onto the semi-finals?


  1. battle field heroes is fun but i didn’t play it for long

    i voted for battle field heroes

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  2. Battlefield Heroes, Crimecraft takes everything too seriously, BH is more relaxed and fun.

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  3. I voted BH too, although I didn’t vote for it initially in the last round. Like several others have said, it’s a little more casual and makes for a more fun-centered experience.

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  4. Crimecraft Anyday !!!! As long as Crimecraft is around ….. So will I be …..till the day i die OG DevinWaaland

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  5. how about CC Vs. APB that would make so much more sence even do CC really is not open world its more of a Running around Lobby.

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  6. Ehhhh.
    I don’t think it is really fair to put up Battlefield Heroes against CrimeCraft.
    I mean, Battlefield Heroes is a more humorous game while CrimeCraft is dark and gritty.
    Wouldn’t it be better if it was up against All Points Bulletin?
    Atleast that’d be even.
    But I’m anyway voting for CrimeCraft.

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  7. I played both, crimecraft is a much more serious and mature game, and for me, that = win

    i voted crimecraft

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  8. i like the two games but i think battlefield herooes is better, because its more fun

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  9. i voted for battlefields heroes. Battlefield heroes is a best game i ever played in my personal computer.

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  10. Battlefield Heroes all the way. The graphic is maybe worst then Crimecraft’s one, but gameplay is definitively better. Atleast my opinion.

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  11. Battlefield Heroes. Thought that this game is not too good i prefer over Crimecraft

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  12. Both are very good fps games and very enjoyable,but for me Crimecraft is better

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