The Battlefield series continues in the jungles of Vietnam.

Post Date: 21:50 28-04-2015
Rating: 8
Author: LosmiK
Comment: The superior force in online warfare and a real candidate for PC Game of the Year. If you’re fed up with Flak Cannons and Rail Guns, enlist with this platoon. Posthaste, soldier!
Post Date: 23:34 14-11-2014
Rating: 7
Author: Mihajlo
Comment: Battlefield Vietnam is a FPS game and it’s the second game in Battlefield series. Game takes place during the Vietnam War, there are 4 factions (United States, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, and the Viet-Cong) and four classes (Assault, Engineer, Heavy Assault and Scout). I rate this game 7/10
Post Date: 16:59 27-03-2014
Rating: 9
Author: cemex
Comment: One of the best exstension of battlefield, with fine graphic and great gameplay. Played this game 1 year and i recommend to other to try it
Post Date: 13:56 11-11-2011
Rating: 7
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: A pretty nice game.. Pretty weird that some people gave it a 0 or a 1. It’s really far from being thatt bad.
Post Date: 01:45 11-11-2011
Rating: 9
Author: lumlehsumleh
Comment: I thought this was a good game… I don’t get why the ratings are so low. It’s a FPS game, and you control one soldier, and you just go on a rampage and kill everyone in your way, except your teammates.
Post Date: 09:10 14-06-2011
Rating: 0
Author: Steelcraft
Comment: The war in real vietnam made many people go crazy, this game shouldnt be so there for i give it a 0
Post Date: 04:50 13-05-2011
Rating: 7
Author: sasuke24
Comment: A fine FPS. I like the graphics and gameplay.
Post Date: 20:34 30-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: BT786
Comment: I enjoyed the online gameplay, it wasn’t too hard to get a bunch of kills and no one complained. It was like Battlefront but in the Modern Era.
Post Date: 04:12 20-04-2010
Rating: 4
Author: Veldomort
Comment: Gameplay was alright. Its graphics though…Battlefield 1942 had much better graphics. The shooting for certain weapons was extremely awkward(feels like your attempting to shoot sideways).Overall, its a less-than-expected game.
Post Date: 03:54 03-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: clickmehere
Comment: Pretty good game. Just its old now…
Post Date: 12:28 01-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: CM15
Comment: Post Date: 14:30 01.10.2007
Rating: 5
Author: CM15
Comment: Crazy game
Post Date: 17:23 25-06-2006
Rating: 5
Author: ddof5
Comment: Pretty good game. I like bombing other ppl.
Post Date: 14:24 01-05-2006
Rating: 6
Author: tottalyloco
Comment: 42 is better much and much better!
Post Date: 00:11 16-04-2006
Rating: 6
Author: Batavian
Comment: Where it not for being compared to the much better BF42 and BF2, this would get a 10. Vehicles and weapons too powerful, no teamwork.
Post Date: 02:35 04-01-2006
Rating: 2
Author: jimjab4
Comment: none
Post Date: 21:03 19-11-2005
Rating: 5
Comment: none
Post Date: 23:19 10-08-2005
Rating: 5
Author: numor
Comment: none
Post Date: 14:32 22-06-2005
Rating: 1
Author: DarkMaul
Comment: none
Post Date: 16:15 27-05-2005
Rating: 0
Author: bubbay2z
Comment: none
Post Date: 09:37 14-10-2004
Rating: 5
Author: Vuong_Phong
Comment: choi tro` nay lam sao vay ne`
Post Date: 02:12 15-09-2004
Rating: 8
Author: visitor
Comment: I liked the music and atmosphere much better in this one.
Post Date: 22:05 14-09-2004
Rating: 10
Author: visitor
Comment: none
Post Date: 07:30 12-09-2004
Rating: 8
Author: visitor
Comment: Not as good as BF1942 but still a great online shooter.
Battlefield Vietnam
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  1. Very decent 1st person shooter video game I played it as a kid whole day,it has interesting story and gameplay,I suggest it everybody

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  2. 5/5 – one of the best expansion packs/DLCs to a game ever. It takes place during the vietnam war. What I like about this game the most are the gun sounds, the quality is good and they sound realistic

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