The world of live streaming has shown that it can be a rather lucrative profession for those who are able to master it and go into that particular line of work for a living.

Indeed, there are a host of YouTube and Twitch streamers who have been able to go on and earn a huge fortune because they have been able to enjoy one of their passions and entertain thousands/millions of people all over the world. Of course, there are some who have become so big because of their success, that they are simply in demand and always appear doing something in addition to their role.

Naturally, this will have had an influence on recent generations and will likely continue to do so with newer generations in the future, but how does an individual set themselves up to become a successful live game streamer and potentially earn a nice living when they are older?

Find A Niche

One of the biggest – and perhaps best – things an individual looking to get into live streaming could do is to try and be as different as possible and find something that not many others are already doing.

Clearly, this is a task in itself as this could be extremely difficult to accomplish given how many people are already trying to find their own niche, but if an individual can make it as entertaining and engrossing as possible, then there is every chance that it can be successful to pull off.

One niche could be to play online games whilst streaming, as individuals who check the online gambling guides on could look to use the best moves possible and show those who watch how well their session goes, whilst others could look to do other activities that interest them. It is important, though, to do something that is enjoyed by the person who conducts the stream, otherwise viewers may catch on that there is no real interest or passion involved, which will instantly put them off returning in the future.

Use The Right Equipment

Any streamer will immediately tell those who wish to get involved in the industry that they will need to have the right type of equipment available in order to have any chance of being successful in the future and keeping viewers interested as much as possible.

There is a lot of equipment that can be required, which will not always be the cheapest to acquire, however the pros could potentially outweigh the cons if it pays off. For instance, a decent camera will be required as viewers will want to be able to see everything clearly whilst a decent microphone would be needed for those who wish to communicate with those who watch and keep things as interactive as possible.


To conclude, whilst there is no guarantee that an individual can become a professional streamer and be highly successful as some already have in the world, there are a handful of different things that can be done to ensure that they are positioned in the best possible place, including finding a niche and having the right equipment available.

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  1. Having good equipment definitely does help build a better audience, because the audience can see that you’ve put effort to making the stream presentable. However, I’ve seen streamers that started out their streaming career with decent equipment, and grew over time and improving their stream quality, so it’s not impossible to be a successful streamer starting out decently.

    I think the biggest thing an audience looks for is personality since that’s what makes a streamer stand out from everyone else. If not personality, then it would be how skillfully you play games.

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