Due to time and cost reasons it is always best to start one MMORPG and stick to it. Before you subscribe to you a MMORPG you need to make sure of a few things first.

System Demands
First and foremost you need to know that your system can actually the game. AS the MMORPG genre continues to sky rocket look for system requirements to increase rapidly as well. If you can play the game on your system but you are not experiencing the game to its fullest due to slight sound or video problems look for a different game because there are plenty of quality MMORPGs (Top MMORPG Picks) that still have relatively low system requirements.

Cost Factor
More and more MMORPGs are raising prices to between $13 and $15 a month from $10. Below $10 you have a hard time finding a major MMORPG.

If you have a high-end system graphics could be a very important part of your decision to buy. Great graphics make it easier to stare at the computer screen for a countless number of hours. If the game hurts your eyes or you don’t feel comfotable playing it look elsewhere.

Newbie Help
Once you buy the game you will either be helped by more experienced players to get you into the flow of the game or you will not. Thus you need to know beforehand if the game offers more experienced players incentives for helping out new players.

Character Development
This issue will be addressed more in next generation MMORPGs that it has before. You need to know if you can change the focus of your character as you progress in levels. Nothing is more frustrating that spending time leveling a character than to learn later that you made a mistake the day you created the character.

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  1. Great article, all solid points you should look out for before getting trying or getting hooked on a MMORPG, especially the character development part. You don’t want to invest time on a character if you won’t be happy with it months later.

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  2. Agree with graphics. Even if graphics are usually the least thing I look for in a game, you don’t wanna be playing a new game that’s outdated compared to other games.

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  3. It’s pretty important to have time to spend when playing subscription based MMORPGs or otherwise that money you spent will go down the rain, if you won’t play that much and enjoy the time you spend on them. When you spend money on something, you need to make it worth your time and money so it’s wise to choose in this case a MMORPG that you would enjoy and maybe even come back to it later.

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  4. I tend to stick to one MMORPG myself, often a game that I know I’ll continue playing. It’s often too time consuming trying to play multiple MMOs, as there’s too much to try to keep up with. And I generally avoid subscription-based games (pay-to-play) such as WoW, because I feel like I just can’t make use of time effectively, if I’m already focused on playing other MMOs. Personally, I think free-to-play/freemium MMORPGs are the way to go.

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