Video Games are a result of immensely emerging technology. With the day to day modifications, the world of video games is growing farther and farther. However, while we talk about the older generation, like our parents and grandparents, they aren’t in support of playing video games. They want their kids to avoid them and move to the outer world. They believe children conduce to make lesser interactions with the world and would spoil their health too. Though one should move out every day to gain physical strength, playing video games, on the other hand, possess their own benefits. Moreover, one would realize, these games aren’t simply a benefit to the kids but to the older generation too. Let us find out how:

Help in getting rid of anxiety and depression

Playing video games at the end of the day rather than watching TV is worth. They help us remove loneliness or depression that one might have after working hard the entire day. It is a good way to end our day as playing video games can make us happy? How does it make us happy? While we play to win, there is a sense of engagement the game puts us too. Winning the game gives us a sense of achievement that keeps us going.

Improves decisive skills

We are supposed to decide each time, at every move to understand how to go about playing the game in order to win. We make strategies, make decisions or plans to triumph the game. The children specifically here improve their decision-making and cognitive skills. These decision-making skills help the kids a lot in taking decisions about their day to day work.

Greater focus

Most of the young kids have attention deficit disorder. While playing video games, the kids tend to put a focus on what they play because they love playing it. The games involve faster actions and require kids getting engrossed in it. With time, they improve their attention that helps them stay attentive while they study.


Playing video games has an enormous contribution in empowering confidence in children. Kids usually are found to be lacking self-confidence. The video games help the child’s mind grow in a balanced manner as their failure leads to another chance of playing the game. The same is transferred to the real-life situations. The child understands that no matter how many times he fails, he has to have confidence in himself and get back to work once again.

Increases team spirit

All the video games do not require playing individually. Some games need many people to play forming teams. Every team strives to win. They win while they perform well together. These games teach the kids to work as a team rather than behaving as an individual. It also teaches the kids how to fulfil a particular role rather than being your own hero.

A great pain relief

In the old age, people suffer huge pain. If they are gifted the video games, it can be the favourite pastime of your grandparents. They tend to forget their pains while they play games. They get a target to be accomplished which engrosses them. When they win, they feel happy. Similarly, kids suffering from a pain too forget they were in pain while playing these games. One does not require pain relieving medicines as the video games do so for them.

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  1. To add on to my previous comment, it can also help increase your knowledge or english language skills especially when with games where there’s a lot of cutscenes with dialogue. For people that aren’t very fluent in english, leaving subtitles on can help.

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  2. These benefits are indeed noteworthy and I believe everyone should have games as a fair part at some point in their lives to grow and explore and feel good

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