The introduction of Internet technology has over time brought about a paradigm shift in the world of online games. Unlike in the past when online games can only be played and enjoyed at a specific location within a particular time range, New Zealand players can now enjoy more excitement inherent in the online games at the corner of their home by using their Internet-connected device.

However, the introduction of online games also led to a speedy increase in the number of game websites offering similar services. If you are in a dilemma about which one to choose, your safest option is to choose from our list of recommended game websites for New Zealand players.

Types of Online Games

There exist hundreds of structured online games every New Zealand players can enjoy for free or for possible rewards. Online games come in all shapes and sizes and can even be enjoyed together with many friends. Below is a breakdown of the major genres:

Video Games

If you are a fan of Video Games, tables attached to online games will determine whether you are going to enjoy any video game you come across. For example, some gamers will enjoy oldie console games such as The New Zealand Story (the featured image above).  You can do yourself a favor by taking your time to select from the variants listed on any of our recommended websites.

Popular Games in NZ

While the factors determining the most popular games might not be objective, some of the reasons why they are the most preferred are relatable. Below is one of the most popular websites among New Zealand players.

Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune – offers a great gaming experience with over 450 online games. You can download their gaming app on their website for smoother and personalized gaming experience.


  1. New Zealand seems like an oddball, when it comes to online games, because I don’t ever think about online games originating from there. Definitely not the first country I think of, when it comes to online games, since I generally think of Korea for MMOs (Nexon, NCSoft, etc.), Japan for console games (Nintendo, Sony, SEGA, Square Enix, Konami, etc.), or America for PC games (Blizzard, EA, etc.).

    And this article doesn’t feature a whole lot, other than The NewZealand Story which is themed on New Zealand, but doesn’t originate there since it’s developed by Japanese company Taito, and I don’t know if that game is even that popular in New Zealand.

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