Gaming can be an expensive hobby. From consoles to PCs, to PCs parts and gaming peripheries, gaming’s long list of expenses goes on. However, the most related problem for gamers found worldwide is the hunt for the cheapest CD keys.

The easiest place to find reliable CD keys is from a developer’s official site. Though most of the time, prices are high and most people might find the current pricing at present, or even down the road, not worth it. Do you think that, after all this time, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is still worth $60? Of course not, but you won’t have a choice if you buy from the PlayStation Store or Activision’s official site.

The same goes for every other publisher and developer out there like Blizzard, EA, Konami, or Capcom, where some of their content, although it’s fantastic, can be a too pricey. Heck, even gaming platforms like Steam can be expensive at times. Sure, when a Steam sale happens, everything drops down to low prices, but those are seasonal, not an all-year option. For the rest of the year, you’ll have to purchase games that you want for their original prices. Now, can you wait for the Summer or Christmas sale?

Keep in mind that many games on Steam are region-locked, and you can only get them when you live in a particular locale. The best case scenario is that you can probably buy the game, but your region is selling it more expensively. A good example is NIER: Automata: it was not only delayed in release for Southeast Asia, but when it did come in a full two months after the “worldwide” release, it cost at least 100% more than the earlier one.

3rd party sites like PlayerAuctions are more reliable for those seeking CD keys for the lowest prices. Keys sold on platforms like PlayerAuctions are legitimate. It’s usually with these sorts of sites where you can find the lowest prices because there are no overhead costs in acquiring CDkeys.

It’s logical to explore these 3rd party sites and consider them to be the best choice for your PC game key needs. If you’re ever in need for CDkeys, it won’t hurt to check out PlayerAuctions since they are reliable and cheap compared to most gaming platforms, including Steam or even the developers and publishers. It’s a shame that we get to a point in the gaming industry where we have to figure out who to trust. Thankfully, honest people in gaming are around. You just need to know where to look.


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