Download the best big maps for Minecraft PE 2022: explore new territories and visit beautiful places in the game world!

What big maps add to Minecraft 2022?

There are many maps for Minecraft PE 2022 that players can download and explore. Developers created several big maps with a lot of details and exciting locations.

Earth Map

The map is a global creation of developers for Minecraft 2022 in excellent quality. The scale of the locations will surprise even experienced players, and the details of the landscape will make you believe that the player is on the territory of different continents of the earth.

Using the Earth map, each player will be able to travel to different corners of the planet in the virtual world. It is worth knowing that this big map loads the device heavily because of its size, so the developers advise installing it on powerful smartphones.



Stampys Lovely World

Stampy’s Lovely World Map for Minecraft PE 2022 is a copy of the world created by a famous YouTube blogger well known as Stampy. The developer has created a unique space with elaborate details.

Players can visit a huge city with all the infrastructure: multi-story buildings, restaurants, shops, and other constructions.

Steve can find secret items, of which there are many on this big map. Players should go north to find the mysterious island where the treasures are stored.




Subnautica is a map with an underwater adventure in Minecraft 2022 where Steve will be the only survivor of a shipwreck. The player can freely explore the underwater world. The area on the map is truly an endless ocean!

By the way, this big map includes textures and mods that will make the adventure unforgettable. The developer has created a new type of armor for the underwater breathing of the player.

Wearing armor, Steve can breathe underwater. But it gets harder to breath in the deep water, so you will need to calculate the time spent in the ocean.

The end point of the journey is the End dimension. The developer of the Subnautica map added unusual costumes for the hero to make the map more fun.



New York

You don’t have to cross the ocean to be in the center of New York! Just install Mine York City in your Minecraft PE and enjoy exploring the city.

It’s easy to guess that this big map is a copy of New York. It is transferred to the virtual world of Minecraft PE 2022. Among the locations are the districts of the famous city.

By the way, the map consists of 5 different cities located very close to each other.




This map for Minecraft 2022 will send players to the United States of America to enjoy nature. The locations do not repeat the terrain at all but create the atmosphere of those places. Users will see mountains, rivers, and other features of the nature of North America.

In the western part of this big map, players will enjoy views of mountains and rocks. There will be more steppes and hills in the east.