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This is the first match in the second  round of GameOgre.com’s Online Shooter Showdown 2011.  This a tournament of the top online shooters and FPS games as voted on by gamers.


Call of Duty: Black Ops faces off against Crysis 2 in a battle of two FPS powerhouses. Both games are part of highly successful shooter franchises and both have been released since last year’s Online Shooter Showdown. Which will prevail?


  1. black ops all the way
    its a great game and fun 🙂

    not the best cod but its still great better than crysis 😛

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  2. CoD: Black Ops, for sure. It may not be the strongest CoD installment imo, but it’s overall a very solid game coming from a well-established franchise.

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  3. Black Ops. Although Crysis 2 is an all-around better game and advances the series much better.. the online community is too small and dictates way too many overpowered features. Black Ops multiplayer has some flaws too, but at least for the most part it provides a solid experience in a variety of game types.

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  4. Lol crysis 2 is way better then cod black ops, If you compare the two games cod looks like its made 10 years ago, Same as the online mp, black ops lage in variety which made me play crysis 2 on pc. With the cloak and armor you can play either sniper or heavy assualt which is well balanced and not only require skill to master it can be very usefull and techtical. On the other hand cod has much bigger community of kids under age of 16 yrs because its “cool” to play cod and suck in it online. Sorry but THE absolute truth is that ttreyarch has to come with à Total different gameplay NeXT time because its seriious getting boring” conclusion: this year crytek owned the shit out of activision + treyarch. ( compared based on pc experience and community)

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  5. Like danny says CRYSIS is way MUCCCCCCCCCCCCCH better than cod black ops
    Black ops has a lame plus boring multiplayer but i like Nazi Zombies so i will go for CRYSIS

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  6. I vote for Crysis because i love story of that game,In a basic both are good but I love Crysis more 😛

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  7. I played both BO1/BO2 and the multiplayer was amazing in BO2, probably Treyarch’s best multiplayer installment. The DLC maps and offers were also great and zombies was good before it became too ridiculous. The only thing BO1 had over BO2 was a better campaign.

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