Browserquest MMORPG, a browser MMO made in HTML 5 finally arrives on! This free online game can now be played right in the forum arcade.

BrowserQuest MMORPG:

Image with Ogres:

browserquest mmorpg




  • Can be saved locally.
  • Play with other players on the server.
  • Up to 20 achievements can be earned.
  • Multiple types of weapons.
  • Multiple types of armor.
  • Various monsters including goblins and, yes, ogres.
  • Open source.
  • HTML 5 instead of Flash.

What do you think of the game? List your comments here. We are considering doing some fun things with it on our forum and could add similar games in the future.

BrowserQuest MMORPG
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  1. BrowserQuest is an free mmo game playable on any browser but now finally on forum too,recommend this game everybody it is one of best arcade mmos i have ever seen

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  2. AWESOME!, just frustrating at time where you get gang-banged by a group of enemies. I personally got through the game 3 or so times 🙂 Since it is an open source things can be added at any point in time!

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  3. I rly like this game, but i think that is way to easy to finish it, i spent about hour and explored most of things, however i like rest of it, combat is solid and gameplay is quite good for browser game, gaining armor and weapon is not that hard.

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  4. BrowserQuest is game where you need to find weapons,armor and other stuffs for fight,fight against victorius creatures and complete game goals.Interesting game and it’s really worth to spend some time on it. My rate is 8/10 on this game.

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  5. A fun little game that can be played in your web browser, it was developed in 2012 using HTML5 and the developer made it to demonstrate web sockets. Would recommend for a pass time game, but it doesn’t take long to complete

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  6. Omg! It’s cute ! I like the game. I played Final Fantasy games with graphics similar to this! Even Zelda games! I can say this is a good game. Well done thumbs uppy~
    Gonna give this

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  7. Just as cookies said above it reminds me of Final Fantasy on consoles when i was a child!! From what ive seen i would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoyed these kind of games!!! Since its a browser no download is required and its an mmo!!! I rate it 4.5/5

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  8. BrowserQuest is a cool browser MMORPG, especially since it does not run on Flash. This game reminds me a lot about old school RPGs like the old The Legend of Zelda games, except that this game can be played with other players which is great. It is not often that I see MMORPGs in this style, especially as this game has amazing graphics. I also like that this game can be played on a mobile device’s browser, especially since it does not run Flash which most mobile devices do not allow. Overall, this is an exceptional game, and I would rate it a 4.65/5.

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  9. I really like the setting of the game, the 2D graphics that is nostalgic for us old consoles gamers. It is a very good game which i really think is fun and adorable. It gots all the elements for a good RPG. The item system, etc. It really brings back memories of games like Sword of Mana from GBA.
    Great game
    Thumbs Uppy~
    Ill still rate it from my initial review 4.5/5

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  10. BrowserQuest is a great game knowing this can be played in browser which makes it more exciting this game reminds me of Legend of Zelda the adventures are really fun and worth it on ur time you can get cool weapons and achievements by completing some sort of dungeon runs, I am expecting more features on this game in the future.

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  11. Always nostalgic of browser games, I grew up playing mostly them. This game doesn’t take too long but is understandable and is especially free! Always a plus! As others said, reminds me of pokemon!

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  12. This little ogre game is a very good pass time game. It’s free and easy to play. The pix-elated graphics are quite cute and the game play is fairly entertaining for a time. If you ever need something to do while on Gameogre I suggest you check this dope game out. I rate it 4/5.

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  13. BrowserQuest is a MMORPG game that runs on HTML 5. You can save it locally and play with other players on a server. This game has many pieces of armor and weapons to get your hands on and use. Game does like nice and controls are easy to understand. 4 stars!

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