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This is the first match in the first round of GameOgre.com’s Online Shooter Showdown 2011.

This is a battle between two of the highest profile online shooters in years. Both Call of Duty games set records when they were first released. In fact, these two Call of Duty games are two of the biggest selling games of all time. Which one is better? Despite being smash hits, each game also received a fair amount of criticism about its gameplay. The question is which criticism was the most costly to which game. You decide.


  1. Black Ops, because it beats MW2 in all areas, multiplayer and singleplayer. It takes the multiplayer formula already established in MW2 and before that, COD4, and adds even more polish and features to it. Not extraneous features either, but cool ones like the new Wager Matches.
    The only possible complaint is that quick-scoping has been nerfed in Black Ops, but that’s not too much of a problem for a majority of players. Anyway, it’ll be cooler to do 360 quick-scopes with the explosive crossbow rather than snipers in Black Ops.

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  2. Black Ops has won by a vote of 70 to 68 and will continue to the next round along with Microvolts.

    This was a very close match from the beginning. Modern Warfare 2 lead for most of the voting period, but Black Ops managed to sneak by on the final day of voting.

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  3. mordern warfare 2 is much better black ops has stupid weapons and you need to buy your weapons and attancgments

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  4. I’d have to say Black Ops only because of splitscreen online and zombies which were huge. MW2 had better multiplayer but BO1 had a better story and customization options. MW2 is a simplified but effective version of BO1, you can’t go wrong with either. In retrospect the only thing I don’t like in BO1 is how slow paced it is.

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