Call of Gods is a browser based MMORTS game published by Aeria. The nice part about browser games which is a growing trend is that there are no or very small downloads compared to other online games. This makes it easier to jump right in. With Call of Gods, players will choose from one of three races: elves, humans, and undead, as they battle for supremacy of the land. It is a typical RTS game where you will build structures, gather resources, and upgrade you castle as you go from area to area to rule over the land. The graphics aren’t amazing but are pretty good for a browser game.

Other unique features of Call of Gods is that there is team dungeon player where players can team up together with their armies and go into dungeons to gain experience and resources. There are special alliance quests for alliance members to complete that will upgrade your alliance and give many benefits. There is even battle replays where you can relive your epic fights and even share it with other players through a link.

Check out Call of Gods here.


  1. Very cool MMORTS video game which is browser based,it is not that popular now but it is still interesting,I suggest it everybody to try

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