Gaming has come a long way over the past few years; the graphics have vastly improved, the controllers are more responsive, and the sound is more immersive and realistic. However, some avid gamers are still looking for more from their experience by trying to get closer to the game than ever before. Here are some of the ways dedicated gamers are trying to get a more immersive gaming experience.

Peripheral Controllers

One of the most popular ways to get a more personal experience with your games is by using additional controllers. For example, if you are playing a shooting game, then there are controllers which are created in the shape of realistic guns. These give you a feeling of a more interactive experience compared to using a standard controller. There have been many of these over the past few years, including adaptors for the controllers shaped like tennis rackets, baseball bats, and steering wheels.

Haptic Feedback Accessories

Sometimes there are ways that you can feel more involved by having a haptic response. It is technology that already exists in your mobile phones, gently vibrating when you press a key. However, there are other products such as haptic vests that can mimic the feeling of being hit in an action game.

Large Screen Projectors

Playing your favorite game on a small 20-inch television screen is fine, but there are those that want to feel more involved in the action itself. For them, one way is to get a large screen projector that will project a huge image on their wall or projector screen. It is a great idea if you have the wall space, as it could give you an almost life-size representation of the gameplay.

Virtual Reality

One of the fastest growing areas of gaming is virtual reality, with many companies now producing their own versions for use on PCs and consoles. They are sophisticated pieces of tech with two screens inside the headset along with gyroscopes and accelerometers. They are one of the best ways currently to become more immersed in the gameplay because they can fool the brain into thinking you are there. Most virtual reality systems also include handheld controllers that allow you to interact with your surroundings. Even your mobile phone can give you a sense of the virtual world by using a specially designed headset.

Real Life Gaming

If you want a completely immersive gaming experience, then taking part in a real-life game is hard to beat. There are many such activities which are held all over the country, including mock battles, reenactments of popular periods in history and shooting games held both inside and outdoors. There are also puzzle games such as Escape Room Atlanta that are designed to test your powers of deduction and problem-solving. You and a team of friends try to escape a room by solving the clues as fast as possible.

Technology is bringing the gaming experience closer to the player than ever before, but where will to take you next?


  1. Peripheral controllers are kind of cool. Probably not as cool as it used to be, like back in the NES era when there was a huge craze over the NES Zapper (used for Duck Hunt), but you can still have fun playing with more-modern peripheral controllers of today, plus the technology for peripheral controllers today is generally better than the technology of 30 years ago.

    Haptic feedback, on the other hand, is an amazing piece of technology. Whether it’s HD rumble of the Switch Joy Cons, the Taptic Engine of Apple’s smartphones, or the haptic feedback of DualSense controllers, that piece of technology really does add in an extra flavor of immersion since the games are responding to you physically.

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