Cat Mario

catmarioGame Description and Comments

Cat Mario is a free feline version/clone of the always popular Mario game by Nintendo. This particular clone features a white frisky cat instead of the famous mustached character. Also new are fluffy white smiley villains. The game itself plays somewhat similar to the original game. For a little time waster, Cat Mario is not bad.

Play Cat Mario

1. Free online game.

2. Obvious Mario clone.

3. Platform game.

4. Venture through the Mushroom Kingdom.

5. Smiley villains.

6. Sports question blocks and warp pipes.

7. Can jump onto bricks to avoid getting hit.

Pricing Mode
Cat Mario is a free flash game published for the web and is supported by ads and micro-payments.

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  1. Game with super mario thematics that trys to trick you every single time.
    Everytime you think you are safe something unexpected happens and you have to start all over again.Really challenging game because you have to memories where are traps.
    I get frustrated so much whenever I play this game.

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  2. Excellent game,really interesting,graphic isn’t good as I expected,but the game is awesome. My suggestions

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  3. Cat Mario is a neat Flash game based on Super Mario Bros., except the game has a lot of troll elements. If the player tries to go into a pipe, then that player would just die. There was even a hidden block near a pit, and there are a lot of other troll elements to this game. I actually find the troll elements in this game to be funny, but I will say that the game music and soundtrack is not original. Also, the acceleration in this game is a bit weird. Overall, I would rate this game a 3/5.

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