had a Q&A session with the makers of Chaos Online. Questions by are in bold.

What do you think separates your game from all the other MMORPGs on the Internet right now?

We have several unique features. First; we have the in game robot system. Unlike other MMORPG we open this function fully free to our players. The second one is that you can grow almost everything with your character in this game. You don?t need to change a new armor or a new weapon. Just a simple upgrade will increase the power of your equipment. The third one is the ?credit card? system. You don?t need to pay for the valuable items in the game. We grant different level players to get different amount of free Diamonds (which can purchase valuable items).

Will your community have a lot of say throughout the beta process?

Yes they do. We are always willing to listen to the players by the players and for the players. We have taken a lot of suggestions from our players and we will continue to do this during the closed beta period.

You have taken a drastic approach to getting GM’s in the game by taking applications from the community. Why do this instead of just using your own staff?

We believe that our players have massive amounts of knowledge and wisdom; and more important they love to help others so we decided to hold an activity like this. We believe that many players will gain a lot through this activity. We would like to see people starting to help each other and to make a better online society.

When do you predict the game opening?

We hope to release open beta in January or February.

Is it possible for the Robot feature to be abused?

A lot of players have asked this question. We would like to tell you that the robot features are not being abused due to a lot of other balanced settings. First of all; you can?t bot your char all day due to the durability problem. Second your backpack will be easily filled up if you want to pick valuable items. Third you will get PKed if your bot try to KS other player?s lol. So no matter how long are you botting it will not affect the game balance.

Please describe your PvP system.

PvP is not available for players who are lower than level 20. Once players reach level 20 they will learn a skill which could activate the PvP status. Basically warriors and hunters/gunmen are physical attack classes while paladins and mage are magic attack classes. Warriors have advantage with highest physical defense when they fight against hunters/gunmen. Hunters/gunmen are nightmare to those paladins and mages. Mages and paladins are big threat to warriors. It?s a definitely a free PK game. Watch your back!

How often will updates be made?

We will update the game according to the development plan and the community requests. Which functions should be released first which ones will be released later. It?s all the communities calls. We will also constantly add unexpected features to the game to make it a really ?chaotic? game. You will feel like: Am I entered the wrong game today? Lol?

What is the one feature of Chaos Online that you are most proud of?

That is a tough question to answer because we are proud of many of the feature within the game if I had to choose a feature it would be the easiness of the game. It?s easy to play the game but it needs wisdom to play the game well.

Any future features that you can tell us about?

We really have a lot of things to tell but due to the short time we would like to introduce the one which will be released soon that is called: Quality upgrade. As you may know now you can craft items and upgrade its level. In the coming patch we will release the quality upgrade which mean you can use a gem to upgrade your equipment from low quality (such as normal) to a higher quality (such as refined).

Any closing comments?

I would like to thanks all players who support us all the way. Chaos is a very open platform which you can present your thoughts opinions and suggestions here. We try to keep our community extremely friendly and invite everyone to have fun with us. With our efforts we believe that Chaos Online will become more and more mature and we hope more and more players will come and play this game. Thanks for providing such an opportunity for us!

Happy New Year and wish you all the good luck in the coming 2009!

Thank you as well for your time!

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