The fourth adventure of Ogre Adventures RPG introduces The Laughing Ogre Tavern

The main thread is where your stats and level will be kept. Keep in mind that both can be improved.:)

This Adventure is for Level 4 Players only.

For the most part, you have to roll higher than a certain number to get past an obstacle or monster besides the boss.


Paladin in Shiny Armor

Phase One

You made it past the awesome dragon in tact to come upon a savage looking city. There are no guards at the city gates, but you can’t help to notice that every body you see walking by is armed to the teeth. There is also a giant iron club stuck in dead of the town. As you continue to explore the city, you happen upon a rather large and loud establishment known as the Laughing Ogre. To move on to the next phase, enter The Laughing Ogre Tavern (the thread in this forum) and buy something from it.

Phase Two

As soon as you make your purchase, you are attacked by several of the other patrons. Using your damage bonus, roll an 80 or better to emerge from the bar fight and leave the tavern.

Phase Three

You leave the tavern a bit ruffed up from the brawl, but still in one piece. Now search through the city to learn more about it. You come up to a run down building where ogres are fighting inside. As you walk inside, you notice a rather large audience and lots of screaming. A bald looking giant notices you and points you into the little arena where the others are fighting. Looks like you will need to wrestle two other ogres to make it out of this situation. Roll an 80 or better with no bonuses to move on. Roll a 95 or better to become champion of the little arena and a win tattoo.

Phase Four
As you leave the little arena, you are called over by a bouncer who asks you to follow him. You go down a dark alley to entire a strange night club. The bouncer ushers you into a little office where you meet Malcolm Malice the main fight promoter of Iron Club City. Malcolm signs you to a 3 fight contract for 1000 Gold. You get the gold after all three fights. Your first official opponent is a skinny looking troll with a pair of nunchuks. To get past him, you will need 250 total points from all rolls. If you can defeat the troll in 3 rolls or less, you also get his nunchuks.
Phase Five
Your next opponent is a kobold with a short sword. This kobold is a sword master and is extremely fast. To get past this monster, you will need 500 total points from all rolls. If you can defeat the kobold in 7 rolls or less, you also get his sword. Your damage bonus also kicks in if you roll a 90 or better.

Phase Six

The last opponent is a big nasty orc armed with an even nastier cleaver. To get past this monster, you will need 750 total points from all rolls. If you can defeat the orc in 10 rolls or less, you also get his cleaver. Your damage bonus also kicks in if you roll a 90 or better.

Phase Seven

Malcolm Malice reluctantly pays you the 1000 Gold after you defeat his 3 fighters. You then leave the fight club to see a giant blue Ogre moving through the city. As you are watching the big Ogre, you notice a paladin in a shiny suit of armor talking to an elf with purple hair. Roll a 75 or better with your stamina bonus in order to safely follow them to their destination.

Phase Eight

You safely follow the unique duo to the outskirts of town. Unfortunately, you no longer see the big blue Ogre. As you are wondering what happened, the purple haired elf throws a wicked fireball right by your ear leaving smoke in the air. Defeat this secondary boss with 1000 hit points in the same manner as the earlier fights in the club. However, this time rolls above 80 serve to double your damage bonus due to the frailty of the elf.

Phase Nine

After an explosive encounter with the Elf, you come face to face with the Paladin. His face looks somewhat familiar, but you just can’t place it. He strides towards you with a big sword that is just as shiny as his armor. He looks at you and the fallen elf and says “Battle On!”. This boss also has 1000 hit points but you must roll a 50 or better to do damage to him. When you do damage, the roll will be removed from his hit points for that player. A roll of 90 or better allows your damage bonus to kick in. Anybody that can defeat him in 10 rolls or less will get his epic sword! A special treasure also awaits anybody who defeats this boss!!


  1. i got past phase 2& 3 at one roll each noe stuck at phase 4 lol. i love playing this ogre adventures

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