Cold Chaos is the third adventure of the Ogre Adventures RPG.

Where to Play


Snow Dragon On Hill


Phase One

You emerge from the huge cave after the battle with the giant to see nothing except one narrow path and tons of snow on both sides of it. Ice is also flying directly into your face so you can not see very far down the path. You start down this path only to be attacked by a snowy serpent. Roll a 65 or better with your damage bonus to move past the sudden wiry danger.

Phase Two

You finally grab the serpent in your Ogre hands and then tie it in a huge knot to hurl it off to the side. You then continue on down the snowy path. You come up on a huge gap in the path. You need to make it to the other side any way you can. With your stamina bonus, roll at least a 75 to make it to continue on the other side of the path.

Phase Three

You finally make it across the huge gap and continue along the path until the snow storm devours it. You can see two feet in front of you, but you continue on. Eventually you start to hear more than just the howling wind. In fact, they are still howls but not from just the wind. You sense a pack of wargs that are headed your way. You will need to kill each one fast if you hope to survive. Roll a 90 or better with your damage bonus to beat the wargs and you will get an additional 5 points damage bonus.

Phase Four

You swing at anything that moves towards you and kill the entire pack of wargs. You hear no further animal noises so you continue on your way. However, the snow storm starts to take shape! All you can make out is a hulking mass in front of you. It appears to be growing in intensity and size by the second. Luckily, the storm monster actually blocks enough of the snow in front of you to allow you make out a path on the other side of the monster. Roll a 95 or better with your stamina bonus to make it past the menacing snow monster.

Phase Five

You make it past the snow monster on to the small path and earn a plus 5 to your stamina bonus. You continue down the path further and see quite a sight. An entire village is covered in snow to form basically a mountain of ice and snow for you to get across. The one bright side is that you can make out various items in the snow. Perhaps you can recover and use some. Roll at least a 70 with no bonuses to get over the mountain completely. A roll of 90 to 100 will allow you to also get a weapon to use. A roll of 100 (the red 100) or more will get you a very special weapon!

Phase Six

You climb over the mountain of ice and snow to see a rather large city in the distance. However, you suddenly swarmed by a large band of rather small monsters screaming “Master will get you. Master will devour you!” Fight off the band of “minions” with a roll of 75 or better with no bonuses to reach their master in the final phase of this adventure.

Phase Seven

You fight the “minions” off bravely to meet their master. Basically, you went from the frying pan to the fire because the master and boss of Cold Chaos is a snow dragon on a hill. Unlike the previous two bosses, this boss will require you to kill him directly via his hit points. This boss has 500 hit points and you must roll a 50 or better to do damage to him. When you do damage, the roll will be removed from his hit points for that player. A roll of 90 or better allows your damage bonus to kick in. Anybody that can defeat him in 4 rolls or less will get a unique item as well!


  1. Adventure number 3 and just like previously, you can get weapons and you can also obtain a special item after defeating the boss of this adventure and oh boy it’s good when you get a chance to use it after getting it. This adventure took me quite a long to time to finish because i got unlucky with my rolls…

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