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Color Switch is now on the Web for free after starting as a very successful mobile app. Like Flappy Bird, the game can end very fast and you have to have quick reflexes. All you have to do is match the color of your orb on the screen to go through that line. However, the game ends as soon as you try to go through a color that does not match your orb. For example, when your orb is purple you have to go through that color to enter and exit the circle. Boredom is no option since you have to move ASAP or the game will be over, but it can be addictive when trying to get the highest score possible.

Play Color Switch Game

1. Free online game.

2. Also a mobile app.

3. Official web version.

4. Hard like Flappy Bird.

5. Must match colored ball with the same color or the game ends.

6. Puzzle game.

7. Lots of replay value.

8. Need quick reflexes.

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Color Switch is a free online game published for the web and is supported primarily by advertising.

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  1. This is very sick Mobile Phone video game.Point of games is very simple you have to pass through the dots which are similar color as you.For Example if you are a red dot then you have to pass through the red dots,and then when you pass them then you change color and then again again all to the a moment when yo die 🙂 And you die very easy because you cant pass through dots that are opposite of a color of a your dot.Example if you are a red dot you cant pass through a blue dots because you will die 🙂

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  2. The game is kinda childish, I mean… The ball that can switch colors and everything, like there wasn’t much effort put into it. I agree it is hard and that it is addictive lol, but I kinda don’t like this kinda of game genre. Sure you wont get bored easily, because every time you play, everything goes random(I think), but I don’t like it much.

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  3. Didn’t know about the web version, but there’s a mobile version. The game is simple and addicting, just like other mobile games such as Flappy Bird, Doodle Jump, and Temple Run. I would say that the game is kind of like a mix of Doodle Jump and Flappy Bird with a bit of some color matching element. It’s like Doodle Jump in that you have to continuously go up (vertically), but it’s also like Flappy Bird in that you have to always tap the screen to stay on the screen and avoid obstacles (in other words, avoid hitting the wrong color), and you also have a counter that increments as you collect stars. It’s quite fun, and the obstacles vary as you progress. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.5/5; game feels a bit easier than Flappy Bird, but excellent to play during breaks or to compete against friends for the highest score.

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