Sonic is an interesting video game that has quite a bit to offer. There is the excitement of the racetrack, the multiple versions of the game that have evolved throughout a number of gaming platforms, and more.

Today, we talk about a delightfully ‘secreted away’ racing level we can describe as the small Las Vegas of the Sonic universe.

Years have passed, but this venue is a perpetual part of the Sonic landscape, which naturally begs the question – what is coming to the beloved game?

It is interesting to see all the iterations of this popular venue throughout the years and it wouldn’t be the first time that nighttime elements have been seen in video games. Critically acclaimed games have seen the addition of games with everything from slots to roulette to poker.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

It all started back in Sonic the Hedgehog series. Many fans of the franchise didn’t realize that what they had been playing through was in fact an entire resort! Located somewhere on West Side Island, this night zone has haunted fans.

For some, it’s been an interesting motif in the game and for others – a complete surprise. And the best bit? Sonic the Hedgehog may be coming back for a third time, which means a new take on the popular venue.

Filled with different table top games, the area is not a place where you can stop and play, but rather serves as a backdrop of the game – just one of the many levels to tackle on your way to the final level.

To access the area all you need to do is tackle the challenges in the Aquatic Ruin and voila, just like that Sonic is exposed to the neon-lit alleyways of this mini-Vegas.

There are clear elements that go beyond design, and specifically how you amass points during the level. Another notable feature is the absence of many enemies to fight, bar the boss in this level.

Sonic the Fighters

This area is also available in Sonic the Fighters, the arcade version of the game where Sonic throws down against Dr. Eggman and Fang the Snipper, one of the least popular opponents the blue hedgehog has ever met. The plot of the game is quite exciting.


After establishing peace on his world, Sonic’s planet is suddenly washed over by robots sent by Dr. Eggman who once again is looking to overtake the world.

Sonic rushes off to the rescue, overcoming the evil genius’ champions and restoring balance to a war-ravished world.

The arena itself seems to be a ring of cards and with a few game wheels in the backdrop where the wheels never stop spinning!

Sonic Forces

Clearly, this special area has been an indelible part of the very fabric of the Sonic universe. The various use of familiar games have earned the title a place in various rank lists, including a most recent overview on creative ways video games leverage games from different genres to boost interest.

In the Sonic universe, this installment is often not cited enough, or considered the most appealing iteration of Sonic’s proclivity for the genre. Yet, the venue’s beauty is undeniable.


Interestingly enough, Sonic will always encounter gaming elements as he progresses through the level with a different game here and there. When Sonic exits the level, you will see the entire Night Zone in the background in all its splendor.

Frozen Factory 3, Sonic Lost World

Sonic’s designers have definitely been affected by their love for creating night inspired themes. Take for example Frozen Factory 3 in Sonic Lost World. At first blush, it doesn’t really feel like the special area.


But then again, you can’t really shake off the feeling it’s completely out of the scope of adult entertainment either. The tunes that accompany the action are also quite fun and truth be told, whether it’s been intended as a venue you would visit on the Strip or otherwise, who cares.

The art is exquisite, design finely-tuned and gameplay highly-entertaining.

Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations is the game that has been released for 3DS to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the franchise. And as you probably expect, there is a special night area appearance available as a DLC pinball mini-game.

sonic generations

Once you plunge into the level, you can use a number of cool abilities with the final objective being winning game money.

Make sure to boost your speed when you are on the ramp and try not to avoid excessive tilting. Eventually, you will trigger a big win.

Night Entertainment: A Part of Sonic

Without a shade of doubt, the special night area remains one of the main areas of interest for quite a few players – whether they realize its existence at first or not. In the meantime, Sonic is also a great example of how games of chance can be implemented into a video game without any negative impact.

Even more importantly, the franchise’s fans agree that this is one of the most beautifully designed zones for its wacky and quick gameplay.

But this is sonic after all – it’s not very likely that gameplay would be anything but.


  1. Sonic is still quite memorable. SEGA released “Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic” on Android and iOS years ago, but with ads. I think it’s fun to play, if you’re into classic video game throwbacks.

    The newer Sonic games feel more like games specifically catered to fans. For instance, I remember that fans would create their own Sonic-esque fan art all over DeviantArt, and then at some point, Sonic Forces was released with full character customization.

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