Today esports events bring millions of fans together from all over the world. The esports market has experienced massive growth over the years and mostly in 2020. Events such as the Fortnite world cup and Dota 2 international had huge prize pools, more than other sports competitions. The effect led to the inclusion of the sport in the online gaming industry. Eventually, many online game sites have incorporated several options that enable you to play. Nowadays, several companies undertake Esports, but it is hard for a beginner or novice in another sport to easily follow esports games. Hence, here is a guide that will help you get started.

What Are Esports?

The term means electronic sports. It refers to video game competitions between different teams or two people playing against each other. These days people can play against each other over the internet. Even when sitting at home or on a bench in the city, you can play against other people. The ever-changing technology has increased the popularity of video games. Where it is believed over one billion individuals are involved in video gaming.

Online tournaments are organized, and gamers join for the fun or to earn big prizes. The contests are mostly referred to as professional esports, where teams and players meet and battle it out for the prize money (mostly millions). The sport has a huge following with a live audience and others streaming the event via YouTube and Twitch tv. Thus, esports is a huge deal. Even the sports networks such as ESPN have joined the frenzy and show sports competitions on their channels.

Before you start following esports, you should at least understand a few things about the video games. It enables you to make good decisions when taking on the game. You need to understand the strategies involved and how to play the games. Many professional games are played like FIFA Football, Call of Duty, League of Legends, PUBG, and Halo. You should at least learn about one of the games before you play or compete. Here are some items you should know about esports.

  • Structure

It would be best if you had a grasp of the format and structure of Esports contests. There are many tournaments held worldwide; you should start with the biggest matches before moving on to the other leagues. It will help you understand the structure of esports content and give you a chance to make better decisions. Here are some esports contests you can start with The international Dota2 Championships, Call of Duty Championship, major league gaming, games, or Halo world Championships.

  • Learn about the teams

You should learn about the players and teams that compete in esports competitions, which should be self-evident. Would you watch a football match between two teams you’ve never heard of? What about a tennis match between two players you’ve never heard of before? We think you wouldn’t, and you shouldn’t gamble on an esports competition without first learning all there is to know about the competitors

  • Skins

Digital currencies and other objects that can be exchanged between players are common in modern video games, and this function is often sought after by dedicated gamers. As a result, several auctions and trading websites exist where players can purchase, sell, and trade products and currencies for various popular.

  • Fantasy sports

Technically, this is not esports at all. It similar to fantasy sports for traditional sports, but in this case, esports players are used to create the rosters.


Learning how to follow Esports is easy after you understand the information provided. Now you can find the best website to follow all your favorite teams and tournaments. Even experts at understand that finding the right site helps improve your esports coverage. You’ll need a lot of discipline, as well as the willingness to put in a lot of time and effort.