You might have not heard of it, but it is definitely one of the hottest and most played free-to-play games of its genre. Publisher of the smash hit Kung Fu Massively Multiplayer Online game Conquer Online has recently confirmed the development of a Mac version for the game. As the 1st Chinese free to play 2.5D MMOs that hit the overseas markets, Conquer Online has made the game a worldwide success, with over hundreds of millions of registered players and counting. And now, this game is going to shake the Mac community!

Today, we are going to take a sneak peek….

Set in the mystical realm of ancient China, players take on the role of a brave hero in a huge and ever changing 2.5D world where terrible creatures lurk and magnificent adventures are around every corner. With millions of users to interact and quest with, PvP battles of epic proportions, as well as a huge amount of special features, there’s no wonder Conquer Online has kept players captivated for over 8 years.

Starting Smooth, Simple!

So let’s move onto the actual gameplay experience itself. There are no complicated controls or menus. But don’t get me wrong here. Simplicity doesn’t mean being boring. Actually, the quick leveling and addictive gameplay keep the experience fresh and exciting.

Players start with building their own hero. The game offers six uniquely crafted martial-art themed classes, Archer, Trojan, Taoist, Warrior, Ninja & Monk, each of which has an array of abilities that are expertly realized on the battlefield. The game suits both new players and grizzled veterans alike. There are starter quests to get beginners onto their feet and into the game as smoothly as possible. After they progress to higher levels, there are tons of missions out there that keep players engaged. Exploring the uncharted dangers always yields something new and exciting!

PvP Combat, Cool!

Battles in Conquer are fluid and impressively animated. Whether it’s battling minions or taking on elaborately designed and challenging bosses, players will be immersed in fast-paced and exciting combats. They need to learn how to click on and hit the target while jumping around and react promptly when being attacked. The key to winning a battle is how fast & accurate you can react and switch between the mouse and the hotkeys. The game has an extensive Player vs Player experience, from various PK contests to Guild Wars and the recent World Elite PK Tournament. With so many interesting events to choose from, players will be hard-pressed to find a better PvP experience.

A Little Bit of Everything, Fun!

Conquer is also a game that seems jam-packed with different things to do.  Pretty much anything that you’ve done in other MMOs.  Those features that so many players claim are necessity for their MMO enjoyment can be found here.  A sophisticated equipment & skill system, plenty of crafting and grinding, steed, house, a wide range of PvP options, a vibrant fan community, a guild system, and an innovative Rebirth system that allows characters to relive with other classes. This is the tricky part, as different class combo will result in different power. And that is how you make, what they call a “Perfect Character”. And while I’m not quite at the proper level, there seems to be a great deal of repeatable instanced PvE content at the moment, but I will definitely try making a “Perfect Character” on my own.

The Not So Great

The storyline for Conquer Online doesn’t appear to be as abundant as expected, therefore every quest has its uniquely crafted story to help shape up the game somewhat. And the stories for most of quests are originated from the Chinese cultures or traditions, which make the game a lot more fun for players. Graphics aren’t as good as anticipated but with tones of interaction going on, Conquer Online is really likable and playable. Another noticeable problem that should be pointed out is communication. With its globalization strategy in place, players from all over the globe join this game and speak different languages, which could somehow make you confused. At last, if the customization system could be added, it should get an awful lot better.

Learn more about Conquer Online at

Developer: TQ Digital Entertainment

Genre: Fantasy

Category: Free MMORPG

Platform: Windows/ Mac



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