Crazy MOBA Online brings the popular genre into the browser realm with a free to play offering that runs off the Unity engine. If you want a multiplayer battle arena that you can start playing without having to download a large client this will be your best option.

Post Date: 10:44 19-02-2015
Rating: 4
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Online game that is nothing else than the whole combination between League of Legends and DotA. Really don’t like it…. I don’t know for you guys, but i will rate it with 4/10.
Post Date: 14:27 02-11-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Mihajlo
Comment: Crazy MOBA Online is browser based MOBA. Currently there’re 22 different heroes with 4 unique spells. Game has the same base structure as DotA and same skillshots/indicators as League. I rate this game 5/10
Crazy MOBA Online
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  1. Well only thing crazy about this game is they were crazy enough to copy dota 2 map and UI 😀
    Just avoid it .

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  2. This is free to play mmorpg solid video game,but I dont like it much because it is copy of DotA2

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  3. Name of the game could’ve been more creative; kind of messes up SEOs when a game has generic words like “crazy” and “MOBA” which usually brings up results for other MOBA games, and that’s probably the part of the reason why this MOBA hasn’t had much traction, plus “Crazy MOBA” doesn’t sound catchy at all. But aside from the poor naming, this MOBA isn’t too bad since it’s kind of like Dota and League in some ways. Their Hero Galore has a lot of interesting and unique characters and character designs which is a pretty good start, and the fact that the game’s playable on a browser is also neat. However, the game does look like it suffers from latency lag, so that could mess up the entire gaming experience. Overall, I’d give this game a 4/5.

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