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This is the third match in the first round of GameOgre.com’s Online Shooter Showdown 2011.


Two highly anticipated shooter sequels face each other to determine which series is superior. It should be noted that Crysis 2 was just released recently and that Bad Company 2 won the Online Shooter Showdown last year.


  1. Esque truth I love the company, but this time, vote for the Crysis 2! definitely! is a good game!, im recomended it!

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  2. This is kinda a tough one, seeing how I like them both…but in the end I would have to vote for Crysis 2 🙂

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  3. Going for Crysis 2 🙂
    This game has better graphics + better gameplay + wide range of weapons.

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  4. I am going for Crysis 2 and BF2 both are good and descent game!
    Hands down!
    BTW my system specs is:
    12GB Ram

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