Developed by the same developer of Syrnia, Cubelands is basically a Minecraft Classic copy. You are given square blocks of various textures and colours, and you are allowed to build almost anything (things that involve square blocks are easier). Though it is highly similar to Minecraft, hopefully the developer will update it in the future to have innovations of its own.


Post Date: 15:17 04-07-2015
Rating: 9
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Game is some sort of minecraft as said above. I like the building part in minecraft, so this game really fits. 9/10.
Post Date: 23:01 23-03-2013
Rating: 8
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: This game is just like minecraft nothing else to say except that it is free so its better
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  1. Not really a fan of minecraft or its clones and this game is actually that … another minecraft clone.

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  2. As all said this is classical copy of minecraft,or better to say minecraft clone that is the reason I dont like this game 🙁

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  3. This is pretty much a ripoff of minecraft. Yet, it’s not as or even better than the actual game itself. This game is mainly for players to really put their creativity into blocks. Therefore, their isn’t really any game modes on this game other than creating ones favorite structures. Overall, I’d have to rate this game a 2/5.

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  4. Oh. Well.. Its really a copy of minecraft. Anyways. It would be awesome if they add thingies that arent on minecraft so it would have more variation and difference. Cos if its just like minecraft with no good points, then id rather play minecraft


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  5. Cubelands is an interesting online building game, especially as it bears a similar resemblance to Minecraft. There are some differences between the two games though, as Cubelands has more vibrant colors and design, more focus on cubes like the shape of the Sun, is focused on multiplayer, and most importantly, is free to play. Unfortunately, this game is not as expansive as Minecraft, so the main focus of gameplay is pretty much building. There is no combat and the game does feel limited. Overall, I would rate this game a 2.75/5.

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  6. 2/5 – I think I’d rather stick with Minecraft since it’s more updated and more popular but this is a good free alternative. Not really a fan of the graphics it feels overdone

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