The fifth adventure of Ogre Adventures RPG introduces Ultimate Ogre Fighting

This Adventure is for Level 5 Players only.

For the most part, you have to roll higher than a certain number to get past an obstacle or monster besides the boss.

Adventurers (join by rolling in this thread)

Heroman (Phase 2)

Phase One 

You defeat the Paladin and run to search for the Big Blue Ogre. You search through the whole city but only find a certain potion (the code will be sent via PM when you reach this level)that you open up and use. As soon as you use the potion, you come upon a fighting pit where ogres are fighting each other with weapons. Go to Ultimate Ogre Fighting and do what is needed to reach Phase 2.

Phase Two

After earning a spot in Ultimate Ogre Fighting, the Big Blue Ogre himself offers a duel at Big Blue Ogre Duels Defeat him with no bonuses once to move onto the next level. You can roll once a day for this phase until you win. You will also get 100 Gold like in the regular thread when you win!

Phase Three
You defeat the Big Blue Ogre in a friendly duel with no weapons and win a little gold! You go to talk to Big Blue after getting your gold, but he is gone. You go to search for him, but you are attacked by a jealous bugbear who saw the duel. The bugbear is using a spiked mace and has challenged you to a real duel. Deal 750 points of damage to get past this deadly foe. A roll of 90 or above adds the damage bonus while a roll of over a hundred (the red 100) gets the spiked mace!
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