The fifth adventure of Ogre Adventures RPG introduces Ultimate Ogre Fighting

This Adventure is for Level 5 Players only.

For the most part, you have to roll higher than a certain number to get past an obstacle or monster besides the boss.

Adventurers (join by rolling in this thread)

Heroman (Phase 2)

Phase One 

You defeat the Paladin and run to search for the Big Blue Ogre. You search through the whole city but only find a certain potion (the code will be sent via PM when you reach this level)that you open up and use. As soon as you use the potion, you come upon a fighting pit where ogres are fighting each other with weapons. Go to Ultimate Ogre Fighting and do what is needed to reach Phase 2.

Phase Two

After earning a spot in Ultimate Ogre Fighting, the Big Blue Ogre himself offers a duel at Big Blue Ogre Duels Defeat him with no bonuses once to move onto the next level. You can roll once a day for this phase until you win. You will also get 100 Gold like in the regular thread when you win!

Phase Three

You defeat the Big Blue Ogre in a friendly duel with no weapons and win a little gold! You go to talk to Big Blue after getting your gold, but he is gone. You go to search for him, but you are attacked by a jealous bugbear who saw the duel. The bugbear is using a spiked mace and has challenged you to a real duel. Deal 750 points of damage to get past this deadly foe. A roll of 90 or above adds the damage bonus while a roll of over a hundred (the red 100) gets the spiked mace!

Phase Four

You finally manage to beat the Bugbear after a hard and gruesome battle. As you are walking away, you notice four hooded figures on nightmarish beasts looking evilly at you! The riders dismount and just stand there, but their mounts all attack you at once. Each mount has 250 points of damage so going above that will kill one. A roll of 90 or more adds your damage bonus. On the flipside, since its multiple enemies at once, a roll under 10 will be multiplied by the number of monsters still alive (ie 4 x 10) and subtracted from your overall damage. Those who survive this epic attack will receive 8 bonus points in Stamina!

Phase Five

You survive the epic attack from the four mounts! You look to try to see the four hooded riders, but they are nowhere to be seen now. Determined to find them, you search for a mount of your own! Roll a 65 or better to find an area for wild mounts.

Phase Six

You find an area where you can see many possible mounts without riders yet. Mounts will add to your damage and provide a much bigger boost to your stamina. Mounts can also be named. However, you have to capture and break in a mount before it will be yours. You need to roll an 80 or better with no bonuses to get a mount.

Phase Seven

Now that you have a mount, roll here to determine the type and quality of the mount. The higher the roll, the better your mount will be!

Phase Eight

With your new mount, you take up the trail of the four hooded riders again. You have to ride hard to have any chance of catching back up to them. With your new stamina bonus roll a 100 or better to meet back up with the unique quartet.

Phase Nine (Boss Group)

You meet back up with the four on your mount. All four of the evil riders have surrounded the Big Blue Ogre and look ready to attack. You go to his aid to battle the evil quartet together! This is not just a boss fight, but a boss war! Like the Evil Mounts, you must defeat all four to win/survive this war. Each boss has a 1000 hit points, but you also have the Big Blue Ogre helping with everything else including your damage bonuses. Damage bonuses are added for each attack this time and the Big Blue Ogre gives a 100 points of damage every roll! However, a roll between 2 to 9 takes away damage dealt at 100 points per rider still alive. Brick can be used here, but not Bonk due to adding damage bonuses to each roll. Completing this adventure will yield great treasures and unlock a feature or two.