Dawngate is a new MOBA, built from the ground up to look and feel familiar while offering a whole new way to experience MOBA gameplay. Dawngate empowers you to forge the champions you love for the roles you want in a competitive arena, shaped by ever-evolving, community-driven content and story.

Post Date: 12:41 14-08-2015
Rating: 7
Author: SulzYee
Comment: Same as other MOBA games, you have to destroy nexus, fight with your character… Nothing special. 7/10.
Post Date: 15:37 13-03-2015
Rating: 7
Author: axwellshm
Comment: The game is probably as every popular MOBA games today. It is always the same, build your team from a good players, and destroy the nexus. Nothing really special. 7/10.
Post Date: 08:59 16-01-2015
Rating: 7
Author: arZ
Comment: The game is team based game where two teams with each five played face each other in a battle. The goal in this game is same like in other popular mobas (League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients) to destroy the enemy
objectives, towers and the enemy base guardian. The team who first destroy the enemy guardian wins the battle. Each team is spawning minions that help each team to destroy the enemy objectives. They are spawned at the
base and spawn in each lane. Killing minions you or enemy champs get experience and gold. For experience you get levels and you can level your skills and for gold you can buy different items that buffs your champion. Items makes the game easier. In Dawngate map are just two lanes. Each lane got three towers, they deal a lot of damage to the enemy minions or champions. The map of Dawngate for a surrounding jungle with neutral minions. But you need to care in jungle, because of “fog of war”.
Starting the game you need to pick one of the different roles in the game. There are four roles: Hunter, and Predator Gladiator, Tactician. Gladiator job is on killing lane minions. Tactician are focuses on harassing and spamming they ability against enemy. Hunter are focuses on killing creatures in the jungle. Predator focuses on killing enemy players. Characters in this game are called Shapers by the way.
Shapers also have access to wards that can be placed to provide vision to areas of the map for their team.

When choosing a role, players will also be able to choose a loadout that grants additional passive bonuses. You need to pick smart, they are some cool passive bonuses, depend on champ pick the passive. The graphic from
the game is average it could be much better and the sound is little bit annoying. They should pick some rock music. This music is like in some cartoons for kids. Its really sad that this game does not exist anymore. It was really funny to play and easy to learn. This game could be a good like League of dota 2 if they continue to update it and to create new champs. With a better commercial they could do it really well. EA had a money for it but did not want to spend for it. I rate this game with the note 7/10! Cant recommend this game to no one, because its not anymore playable.

Post Date: 22:13 14-11-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Wildout
Comment: I cannot say much about the game, cause i haven’t played it a lot, around 1/2-2 months and i was really surprised at how this game did very well at capitalysing on the mistakes other MOBA-s made such as LoL and DotA 2, it has all the mods in those games, into 1 big package that is Dawngate, definitly check the game out if you have time, have a great day 🙂
Post Date: 15:47 27-10-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Mihajlo
Comment: Dawngate is EA’s MOBA. Characters in this game’re called Shapers. Perks are combination of Runes and Masteries from LoL and Role stats are really great addition to MOBA game.
Game itself is really great easy to play (even if you never played MOBA before). My rate is 8/10
Post Date: 10:05 19-06-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Shokata
Comment: Nice game ! 🙂
Post Date: 16:17 17-04-2014
Rating: 7
Author: Antoan204123
Comment: Dawngate isn’t bad for a started MOBA but lacks diffirent servers. I’m comming from Europe and I’m lagging constantly.
Also tooltips are unusual and they don’t show what abilities are doing precisely.
Post Date: 20:31 07-04-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: Great game feels more like dota then LoL In my opinion dawn gate feels like the mix of lol and dota graphics more like dota gamplay more like lol
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  1. 2/5 – Unfortunately the development for this game stopped in November 2014 during open beta. It was gonna be a f2p MOBA game supported by micro transactions but the game never released. Micro transactions are good as long as it doesn’t become the main way to have fun playing.

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  2. Pretty good MOBA. Really liking the crisp graphics, especially the nicely saturated overworld map. The gameplay looks quite standard to your traditional MOBA though. But the only real downside is that development for this game ceased while the game was still in open beta. Would’ve been nice to see this game developed further, but quite unfortunate that Waystone Games, the developers of the game, won’t be developing more for this game. Overall, I’d rate the game a 3.89/5.

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