Sony seems to be keeping their promises so far. On February 15th, the game’s first major content update was released. Despite popular opinion throughout the DCUO community, SOE actually made fantastic strides with this patch. The list of major changes can be seen below:

(Bold Information from DCUO Community Forums)

-New Batcave Raid – 8 players will have the opportunity to infiltrate and retake Batman’s Inner Sanctum, which has been overrun by OMAC and the Dark Knight’s own corrupted technology. Fight along side Batman against Brother Eye! Though there will most likely be very few players ready to dwell into the depths of the Batcave just yet, it’s still nice to see that true content is being produced with this update, not just minor fixes to gameplay. Most reports indicate that the Batcave is the hardest group content available thus far, and should not be attempted by players wearing any less than Tier 1 armor.

-New Appearance Items – Earn a Harlequin Clown suit or a Cherub disguise through a variety of holiday activities.With such a sound customer characterization base, it’s exciting to see that the game will be giving players even more creative freedom with their appearance. I can’t wait to see bald jesters running a muck throughout Gotham.

-Goddess of Love Alert – Join up with three others to decide the epic battle between Devotion and Scorn once and for all. While the inclusion of the Batcave is welcome, it’s even better to see that new Alerts will become available to the less decked-out players as well.

-New Races – Can you catch Catwoman as she leaps across buildings in Gotham City? Some of these races are difficult enough to keep you occupied for quite awhile, but that’s not even the bulk of this story arc. SOE has done a splendid job of including a handful of new, interesting activities for players to do involving the infamous thief. I don’t want to spoil anything, so you’ll have to catch her on your own.

-New Collections – All new collection sets will allow players to continue finding these hidden items. As if finding these wasn’t already addictive enough, even more sets of collections have been added to each city. Happy hunting!

-A New Bane Duo – Another Duo has been added for your enjoyment! Pair up with another player and take on Bane for a chance at great loot. Duos occupy a decent amount of my time in DCUO, so the inclusion of another (especially one including my favorite villain) made me a very happy gamer.

-An Auction House – Players may now buy and sell tradeable items on a Broker in The Watchtower and Hall of Doom. This was quite possibly the greatest addition that the update had to offer. No more instances of being under-payed by those cheap NPCs, the Auction House is now open and just in the nick of time. Sell your goods to other players with ease.

And that’s just the Content portion of the update. Expect to see (or not see, for that matter) the bugs that have been bothering you for the past few weeks magically disappear after this download. All in all, there’s no arguing what a fantastic update this is. Whether you’re happy with what’s included or not, it’s free.

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