After players were filled with the boredom of Destiny 1, it looks like Destiny 2 has come at the right time. Destiny 2 Forsaken has all the features players have been crying for. This is no longer the time to cry but to sit back and enjoy the new version of the thrilling game.

The game has amazing features and cutscenes along with the exciting gut-punch death of Cayde-6. The drama keeps going as there are some brilliant additions such as darkness that keep the players interested.

The attacker or the raid is the one that makes the game even fascinating. It offers you a massive challenge and it won’t make life easier for you. That’s the whole idea isn’t it; you can’t reach a certain destiny without overcoming some obstacles. Did you know at top south african online casinos you can play similar games with Destiny 2 and stand a chance to win big prizes

Destiny 2 New Features

Destiny is now done with the old; the game has been inserted new features that have magnificent graphics. These are some of the reasons why players have been flooding the internet to play the new version of Destiny.

Fabulous locations that comprise of top quality graphics have been inserted in the game. Locations such as Dream City will give you amazement as you hunt for secrets and plenty of incentivisation that are there to improve your Power Level Grind.

The quest for revenge begins at an impressive prison-break system that is occupied with amusing gags. This will lead you to have new buddies that include a Fallen Crime. The Fallen Crime is the boss named Spider. The fans’ favorite has not been left out on the new edition of the game.

Petra Venj has captivated the fans with his welcome voice that adds a vibe to the land that players thought they knew. Well, Petra Venj is back all brand new so expect some surprises from him. It’s not all gloom and doom when you did not play Destiny 1, you have all the time in the world to keep on playing until you get all the cheat code rights.

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