Iron Monkey and Criterion Games in collaboration with EA mobile launch the new iPhone game Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.

Over the past couple of years, gaming has catapulted itself to be one of the biggest industries within the entertainment wing and continues to dominate the market in terms of revenue and this growth is only due to expand in the coming years. The reason why gaming has been able to be so successful during the past decade has been since it is now so accessible to consumers due to the different forms of online gaming and so below, we look at the main three formats of gaming.

Other industries that have been able to benefit due to similar reasons to the gaming industry is that of the online game world here at These particular online game sites are showcasing one of the best variety of games within the game industry right now, and are also offering a host of promotional deals and sign up offers for all new customers to take advantage of.

When it comes to gaming, we all associate the gaming industry with the use of a console, and it does continue to be one of the most popular ways to indulge in gaming. At the end of 2020, gaming fanatics were all blessed with the next generation of consoles brought out by the two-leading companies in Microsoft and Sony. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are showcasing some of the most premium features shown within the gaming world and it’s no surprise that the demand for these types of products were through the roof, with it still being hard to get your hands on these types on consoles now 6 months on.

Although console gaming is a popular form within the gaming industry, it has recently been overtaken by the mobile gaming world which might be surprising to many. Due to the reliance shown on our smartphone these days, consumers can’t go through the day without the use of our smartphones, it means the accessibility barrier to the mobile gaming is virtually eradicated so anyone who is looking to get into mobile gaming can do so. Not only that, but mobile games are considerably cheaper than console games, explaining why it has become so popular.

And finally, PC gaming has always been the area within the industry that has been reserved for the hardcore gamers, due to the high start-up costs of owning a gaming PC. PC gaming has always been an impressive part of the industry and the quality of games on the PC is certainly unrivaled, especially on platforms such as Steam.