Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders has been a smash-hit in the buy-to-play, paid-DLC market for this beautiful game that combines tower defense with action-arcade. In fact, it was recently revealed that DD has exceeded one million paid downloads of their flagship title across Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam. The game has steadily delivered new content via DLCs, retains numerous discounts on Steam and other platforms, and has stayed near the top of the catalog since its release in October.

“It is tremendously successful franchise,” Reverb Publishing CEO Doug Kennedy said to Joystiq in regards to the one million paid downloads. “We have lots of plans to support it both with DLC and additional add-ons for the franchise.”

Trendy Entertainment Unleashes the Barbarian

Not too long ago, with patch 7.16, Trendy Entertainment opened the cage and released a new DLC hero: The Barbarian. A roaring fighter hailing from the jungles of southern Eternia who can dual wield weapons and long-leap into combat putting him in range to swing his weapons in a devastating area-attack. Currently the DLC that contains the Barbarian costs $2.99 on Steam.

The Barbarian is different from all other heroes in that he does not use defense towers.

Instead, the Barbarian uses battle stances that affect enemies, his attacks, and the area around him. As a result, his battle-leap ability (propelling him in an arc across the map) will make the Barbarian himself a multitalented, mobile defense tower. He will have to depend on teammates to shore up and funnel oncoming enemies; but the foes that he does encounter will not last long.

Among his stances you’ll find Tornado Stance: permitting a speed boost and a flurry of attacks; Lightning Stance: adding a stun effect to the Barbarians melee strikes; Siphon Stance: sacrifices some defenses so steal life from enemies on hit; Turtle Stance: provides great resistance for a tanking stance; and finally Hawk Stance: greatly increases the damage of the Barbarians next attack.

The biggest benefit to stances is that the Barbarian can have two of these powers toggled at the same time, allowing many interesting combinations to stack capabilities.


  1. Still haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet but it’s always nice to see an Independent Developer do well. Congrats Trendy Entertainment!

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